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[Part 1] – The Anti Wahhabi, Salafi & Saudi Narrative from Bareily – Revisiting Mohammed Naveed Ashrafi’s Churchfather; Ahmad Raza Khan

Compiled, Translated & Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


It is not a surprise to most intelligent minds the vile and abhorrent rhetoric that emanates from Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi and his disastrous shenanigans on Ummah channel. His words and comments are well known and inflammatory but Ahl al-Sunnah are well acquainted with this because the forefathers and elders of the Sufi Barelwi sect were indifferent. It is also unsurprising because Naveed Ashrafi is only but treading the path of his elders like Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan who was also very sharp with his tongue and mind as we shall come to see.

Naveed Ashrafi, who has since removed the following post from his facebook, said the following


naveed ashrafi


You see dear readers this is the type of rhetoric that emanates from these so called modern day Sufi Barelwis and although at times it can be overlooked  but sometimes such despicable remarks need to be closed down combined with a basic history lesson on the view of the Sufi Barelwi elders, namely Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi who is considered the patron of the Barelwi sect with its origins in the northern indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


The Shrine of Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan, venerated by grave worshippers

The likes of Naveed Ashrafi and others of his ilk have continuously spewed such hate filled rhetoric at the expense of the Salafi’s and Ahl al-Hadith, who have unquestionably and undeniably been at the forefront in refuting, reprimanding and curbing the horrendous and despicable crimes of the Khariji terrorist renegades for decades. This Saudi and Wahhabi narrative that is oft repeated will be clarified in subsequent posts.

The only thing he did get right, was calling us Salafi’s, Alhamdulillah even the Mushriks and Mushrik tentacles know we follow the Quran and the Sunnah with the understanding of the Salaf us-Saleh.

The point being the inflammatory post of Naveed Ashrafi is a clear manifestation of inciting hate based on fallacious and evil ideas. He was also removed from Ummah channel for 12 months or so, due to this remarks about Ahl al-Sunnah while using derogatory terms, nonetheless Naveed Ashrafi himself is unimportant and insignificant when it comes to this narrative because if we retort back to history and look at the lives and teaching of his forefathers, we will find nothing but Khariji, takfiri, hatred, incitement of violence, discord, slur and discord amongst the muslims as well as general society, even to the extent of creating social upheaval, a basic understanding of living.

We will inshaAllah show in forthcoming articles how Ahmad Raza Khan disseminated and incited hatred and inter Muslim sectarianism just as his ardent underlings are doing today, under the guise of social cleansing of the Salafi’s and Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah on their third grade Channels.

However, prior to that let us look at what one of their own self professed renegades and the recently shamed, debunked and sour loser of the Tawhid Vs Shirk debate, namely Mr Asrar Rashid said about the position and viewpoint of the Spiritual leader and guide of the Sufi Barelwi’s ie Ahmad Raza Khan on the British. This is his clarification



So here this representative of the Sufi Barelwi’s is claiming Ahmad Raza Khan was waging war against the British are (this is what this essentially means) and thus the followers of the Barelwi’s sect are the ones responsible for the discord and civil unrest in England not the Salafi’s or as the Mr Ashrafi put it the Wahhabi’s.

The fact of the matter is this souls are delusioned and ignorant of the basic facts and realities of their own leaders and spiritual guides and due to their infinite thinking capacity they are unable to think beyond the two words that regurgitate in their minds and tongues, ie Wahhabi’s and wobblers.

We ask Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi, beg your Theresa May to shut down and control the ignorant, two faced Barelwi’s sympathesiers who spew deceptive lies and in reality are the real khawarij renegades.

Since Mohammed Naveed Ashrafi has called out Bibi Theresa May against the Wahhabi’s, let us remind her and Mr Ashrafi that sometimes sharp people like Mr Ashrafi himself develop dementia and selective thinking. Overwhelmed by sheer hatred that at times in their unbalanced hormonal rage against the Salafi’s and Ahl Al Sunnah they forget the finer details of their own ancestry which leads them to their psychotic episodes.

If Mohammed Naveed Ashrafi had any knowledge of his Ala Hazrat and his spiritual Pirs grandfather, namely Maulana Raza Ali Khan, he would have known his credentials and ‘efforts’ in that he was anti British & a freedom fighter and he also vehemently verified the fatwa of ‘Jihad’ against the British Government!!! This information and other details are well documented in numerous books and a basic read of readily available books will churn out ample collaborating statements.


Perhaps next time he calls out Wahhabi’s in his idiotic rage, he might also slip in some history lessons of his shirk infested ancestry when he has a chat with Bibi Therasa May.

oh yes and also, when the likes of Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi are constantly wobbling back and forth in their Sufi Hadra dances, Zikr Mehfils, esoteric dances and trances resembling the Hindus and Jews as part of their heretical belief system of reaching union with the creator and or his incarnation in them, we should not expect anything less from them after all the activities above except spewing the word, ‘wobblers’


(Please excuse the videos but sometimes people need to be spoken to on their level)

and for crying out loud, this is a lengthy session on the very same channel Mohammed Naveed Ashrafi regularly appears on while spewing and spluttering his venom against the Muslims.

and they call us wobblers – shamelessness has limits but unfortunately these ill mannered people have redefined it. After spending your lives wobbling and busting moves you have the audacity to call us wobblers? We do not know whether to laugh or to cry at such levels of ignorance which have overtaken the Ummah of Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam.


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