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Clearing the Allegations and Attack on Allamah Rabbani Shaikh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani (1420H) – Part 2 – The Hanafi Fiqh Channel – Hanafi Ash’ari’s on the Hadith in Sahih Muslim – Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah and his Madhhab Fanatacism

Compiled, Translated and Annotated

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


The Hanafi Fiqh Channels Recent video on Allamah Rabbani Imam Shaikh Muhammad Nāsir ud-Dīn al-Albani by the Bradford crew

Hanafi Ash’ari’s on the Hadith in Sahih Muslim – Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah and his Madhhab Fanatacism 

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Yet again, recently the intellectual prowess of some people arose in Bradfud, the Ash’ari Deobandi’s in conjunction with the ta’an ie slanderous accusation on the name Abu Hanifah as the Hanafi Fiqh Channel.

They released a video on the categorisation and grading of Shaikh al-Albani concerning the ahadith in Sahih al-Bukhari. Posts of this nature will by no means explain or clarify such intricate and fine issues of the science of Hadith and illal. This inshaAllah, is to be addressed in due course.

This manipulative presentation and associated distortions are nothing new from these Ash’ari Deobandi’s, as their scholars, other Ash’arites as well underlings of this camp have presented other deceitful allegations. They alleged that Allamah Rabbani Shaikh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani also rendered some ahadith in Sahih Muslim to be weak, again this is not the place to enter into these issues.

However, what I wanted to share was the horrible double standards these people employ and how they turn a blind eye to their own scholars, Shuyukhs they revere. It highlights how these people disastrously forget the true reality, yet under the guise of attacking and vilifying Allamah Rabbani Shaikh Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani, they develop selective amnesia. 

This being said, we hope the honest reader who fears Allah and the last day can judge for himself and see the truth and the double standards.

Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah, the student of Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari, the one who lauded the Deobandi Echelons and his understanding of the Hadith in SAHIH MUSLIM

Shaikh al-Albani said

abdul Fattah Abu Guddah

“I first met Shaikh Abdul-Fattaah Abu Guddah in his city, Aleppo, more than twenty years ago approximately. I realised that he was a man who was bigoted towards the Hanafi madhhab such that he blindly followed it when in his mosque in Aleppo he agreed to the permissibility of treating someone with alcohol under the supervision of a skilled, Muslim doctor.

So I said to him, “This is not enough. The doctor must also be well-acquainted with the Sunnah. For in the Sunnah, for example, alcohol has been described as being a disease and not a cure. So how can a Muslim doctor who knows the Sharee’ah prescribe a cure which the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم, described as being a disease?!”

So he said, “Perhaps the hadith is weak or not authentic!” I replied, “How can it be when it is in Sahih Muslim?” So he said, “We will go back and check it to make sure.”

So one of the people who was present and he was a friend to both parties in the debate said, “So when you do check and find out that it is authentic, will you act upon it or what the madhhab says?”

So he replied, “The madhhab!”

(Hayat al-Allamah al-Albani Bi Qalamihi (p.38-41), Kashf al-Niqab (p.9) 

The Kashf al-Niqab was first printed in 1395H / 1975ce, this should give you an idea how long these people were extreme fanatics towards their madhab. Yet they talk about hadith of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. 

So what does Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah say, he says he will check the Hadith in SAHIH MUSLIM because he considered it to be weak or the fact that he did not even know it was in SAHIH MUSLIM

Dear readers, and we have not even directed our attention to Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari yet and this is not even the top of the iceberg. 

We will inshaAllah, with the permission and aid of Allah alone show the historical assertions the Hanafi Ash’arites have made concerning the Sahihs of Imam’s Bukhari and Muslim.

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