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[Part 7] – The Anti Wahhabi, Salafi & Saudi Narrative from Barely – Sufi Barelwi Renegades & Their Origins in Extreme Terror and Kharijism; The Barelwi Ancestry and Lineage

Compiled, Translated & Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


Taken from: al-Barelwiyyah; Their History and Beliefs Volume 2, Expounding The Belief of the Pious Ancestors and Ahl al-Sunnah w’al Jama’ah What Opposes it from the Wicked Deviation of the Barelwi Renegades

Historical Overview – Sufi Barelwi Renegades & Their Origins in Extreme Terror and Kharijism; The Barelwi Ancestry and Lineage

We begin by looking at the Barelwi Ash’arite and Sufi Churchfathers and their affect on the muslim society. It is common knowledge and a specific and particular hallmark of the Barelwi underlings and global sufi sympathisers that the Saudi Wahabis are government funded, they rebel and murder people, Khawarij and all sorts of fallacious delusional points.

We will show how the Barelwi forefathers were themselves upon the methodology of killing innocent Muslims and how they colluded against the Muslims. We will also show how some of them were renegades themselves,  

This is the lineage of Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi

Ahmad Raza Khan son of

Naqi Ali Khan son of

Raza Ali Khan son of  

Kazim Ali Khan son of

Azam Khan son of

Sa’adat Yar Khan son of

Sa’idullah Khan

(Zafar al-Din Qadri Bihari, Hayat A’la Hazrat, (Karachi: Maqtabah Rizviyya, 1:2 Muhammad Sabir al-Qadiri Nasim al-Bastawi, Ahwal wa Athar Hazrat Mujaddid Islam (Lahore: Raza Academy, 1998) p.34 

Sa’idullah Khan

He hailed from Kandahar which in present day Afghanistan, he was a pathan belonging to the Barech tribe. He eventually migrated to Lahore with Sultan Muhammad Nadir Shah as part of his war expeditions. He was given prestigious and high ranking positions within Nadir Shahs Safavid Dynasty.

He then moved to Delhi whilst he was minister of a department. He received the accolade and title of ‘Bravery of war,’ an official title from the Ruler, ie Muhammad Nadir Shah for his bravery and ardent loyalty (Muhammad Sabir al-Qadiri Nasim al-Bastawi, Ahwal wa Athar Hazrat Mujaddid Islam, p.34) 

Muhammad Nadir Shah (d.1747) was the ruler or Iran of the Safavid Dynasty and had the title The Shah of Iran. He was, naturally of Iranian descent belonging to the Afshar tribe hailing from Khurasan. He was born a Shi’i as an Itha Ashari and was an ardent follower of the Jafari school of thought. Due to the political turmoil at the time he would often say to people he was also sunni in order to keep his cohorts to support him and also to keep the opposing Ottoman empire from fighting him. In fact, numerous people serving and working with him failed to highlight whether he was sunni or shi’i, such was his deception

He attempted to mix the two and made his own madhab called the jafari madhab so that the ottomans would accept him. His aim was to allow the persians to perform Hajj which was under Ottoman control and administration, and his only aim behind this was to make this a revenue stream. (Michael Axworthy’s, The Sword of Persia (I.B. Tauris, 2006), Tucker, Ernest, “Nadir Shah and the Ja’fari Mazhab reconsidered”, in Iranian Studies, vol. 27, 1-4 (1994), pp,163-179.)

He continued to fight for the Safavid dynasty which was in decline at the period and thus Nadir Shah seized the opportunity to launch his own house. Nadir Shah continued to lead numerous military expeditions throughout the lands, which he was successful in.

At the time Ghilzai Afghans had control of the southeast regions, namely Kandahar. This was later controlled by the Hotaki dynasty. Nadir Shah defeated the Hotaki dynasty in approximately 1738 and took control of Kandahar.

This is where Sa’idullah Khan joined Nadir Shah and became a part of his dynasty war campaign for domination. Nadir Shah then went onto fight the Mughals and their empire and in the process captured cities like Ghazni, Kabul, Peshawar, parts of Sindh and Lahore.

Muhammad Nadir Shah’s history and campaign were a far cry from innocence, one only needs to read the annals of history and they will come to know the wicked and evil nature of his deviation, theologically and socially.

The aim is not to present a reading into the evil actions of certain individuals or a history lesson but to show if one makes erroneous and fabricated claims against Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and al-Saud family, the closet will yield some home truths! (For further reading on the generosity and life of Muhammad Nadir Shah Read, Michael Axworthy’s, The Sword of Persia: Nader Shah, from Tribal Warrior to Conquering Tyrant. (I.B. Tauris, 2006), Ernest Tucker, Nadir Shah’s Quest for Legitimacy in Post-Safavid Iran (Florida, University Press, 2006)

This is the likes of whom the forefathers of Ahmad Raza Khan colluded with, to cause havoc and rampage in muslim territories, the atrocities, genocide, pillaging land, and philandering of wealth and woman of unprecedented levels.

It is important to ask the barelwi sympathisers what do they make of the claim, which they often hurl at Ahl al-Sunnah, petrol dollars, the illegal al-Saud state, corroborating with the British, killing innocent muslims, mass murdering and declaring Muslims to be disbelievers. Of course this is sheer nonsense which has been answered in great detail, however the ignorant wandering mind will always have difficulty focusing on the truth and facts.

This said, Barelwi Sufi narrow mindedness and genius level of reasoning fails to see and acknowledge how the forefathers of their Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan were part of such acts which were absolutely heinous and catastrophically evil. 

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