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[The 6th Report] Investigating the Report of Mansur bin al-Mu’tamar About Backbiting Muslim Rulers Publicly – Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd

 Translated & Annotated 
Abu Khuzaimah Ansari

The 6th – Report of

Mansur bin Mu’tamar Rahimahullah

KEY  BLACK BOLD = Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd.

Blue [AK…..END] my annotations

This is transmitted by Ibn Abi Dunya in his as-Samt (no.235) and al-Ghibah wan-Namimah (no.98) from Muhammad from Marwan bin Mu’awiyyah from Za’idah bin Qudamah who said I said to Mansur bin al-Mu’tamar, “Can I insult the ruler when I am fasting? He said, no. He then said to him, “Can I insult the people of desires (innovators)? He said, yes.”


 samt 235


The teacher of Ibn Abi Dunya, Muhammad bin Ubad bin Musa is weak. And Marwan bin Mu’awiyyah is a mudallis and would transmit with AanAan.

Hafiz Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani in his book Ta’rif Ahlul Taqdis Bi-Maratib al-Mawsufin bit-Tadlis (p.45 no.105) he said, “He is famous for tadlis and he would do tadlis of his shuyukh and ad-Daraqutni described his affair like this.”

[AK] Marwan bin Mu’awiyyah despite being thiqah is also a mudallis, who did tadlis of his teacher’s name. This is as Hafiz Ibn Hajr described him in at-Taqrib ut-Tahdhib (p.742, no.6579) (Syria: Mu’assasah ar-Risalah, 1436H/2015, 1st Edn. Ed. Sa’d bin Najdat Umar).

Hafiz al-Ala’i in Jam’i at-Tahsil Fi Ahkam al-Marasil (p.110 no.51), Abu Zurah al-Iraqi in Kitab al-Mudallisin (no.62), Hafiz Suyuti in Asma Man Urifa Bi-Tadlis (no.70), Sabt ibn al-Ajami in Kitab at-Tabiyin Li-Asma al-Mudallisin (p.54) (no.76), Manzumah Mahmud al-Maqdisi (line 12) all graded him to be a mudallis narrator.

Muhammad bin Tal’at describes his tadlis and criticism over 7 pages in his Mu’ajam al-Mudallisin (p.436-443 no.154) (KSA: Adwa as-Salaf 1426H/2005, 1st Edn.)

Shaykh Zubair Ali Za’i further said while explaining Imam Ibn Ma’in’s statement when asked by ad-Duri about Marwan transmitting from Ali bin Abil Walid, he replied, “He is Ali bin al-Ghurab” (Tarikh ad-Duri (no.2843), also (no.2611), Tahdhib ul-Kamal (27/408).

Shaykh Zubair said, “Meaning he did tadlis of his Shuyukh and it not proven he did tadlis of the isnad.” (Fath ul-Mubin Fi Tahqiq Tabaqat al-Mudallisin (p.124) (Pakistan: Maktabah al-Islamiyyah, 1434H) END]    

Imam Yahya bin Ma’in said, “I have not seen more devious tadlis from anyone except him.”

[AK] This is mentioned in Tarikh ad-Duri (no.2843). It should be noted ad-Darimi in his recension from Imam Ibn Ma’in reports him to be thiqah, yet this contradicts most of Ibn Ma’in’s statements concerning Marwan. For a comprehensive overview of Imam Ibn Ma’in’s statements on refer to Mawsu’ah Aqwal Yahya ibn Ma’in Fi Rijal ul-Hadith wa I’llalihi (4/293-296 no.3646) (Tunisia: Dar ul-Gharb, 1430H/2009, Edn, 1st Ed. Bashar Ma’ruf, Jihad Mamud and Mahmud Muhammad).

How Najm Abdur Rahman said in his checking of as-Samt, “Its narrators are from the thiqat.” (Kitab as-Samt wa Adab al-Lisan of Ibn Abi Dunya (p.343 no.236) is baffling.

Al-Huwayni in his checking of as-Samt said, “There is weakness in the chain.” (Kitab as-Samt wa Adab al-Lisan (p.145 no.235). END]

Abu Nu’aym also transmitted it in his book Hilyatul Awliya (5/41) and mentioned the same text through the chain Abu Hamid bin Jabalah from Muhammad bin Ishaq from Abbas bin Muhammad from Khalf bin Tamim from Za’idah from Mansur.

Abu Hamid bin Jabalah is in the chain, and I could not find any statements of praise or criticism for him.

Al-Khallal also transmit in his Kitab as-Sunnah (no.789) without mentioning the part of the rulers, he said, from Harb from Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman from Abu Usamah from Za’idah who said, I said to Mansur, “Oh Abu Uttab, the day on which one of us fasts (for seeking reward) he denounces those who denounce Abu Bakr and Umar? He replied yes.”

[AK] This is reported in as-Sunnah of al-Khallal as Shaikh Abdul Qadir said, (1/391 no.789) (al-Faruq al-Hadithiyyah) and (1/400 no.774) (KSA: Dar al-Awraq, 1439H/2018. 3rd Edn. Ed. Al Hamdan. END]

The chain contains Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman bin al-Hasan bin al- al-Ju’fi. Hafiz Abu Bakr Ibn Abi Shaybah said, “he memorised hadith with good memory of hadith that were connected and disconnected.” Ibn Hibban mentioned him in ath-Thiqat and said he preserved hadith and his hadith transmitted from Sham are very strange and odd. Maslamah bin Qasim said the people criticised him and he narrated abandoned reports. Ad-Daraqutni said, he is relied upon, Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani said, truthful and a preserver of hadith but he transmitted odd and strange reports.

I say: This report is not evidence for backbiting the oppressive ruler rather it is clear evidence which prohibits it. When I mentioned these defects of this report to a detractor, may Allah correct him, he thought the meaning was, it was allowed to backbite the rulers when not fasting. He abandoned the clear claim and did not pay attention to the answer of Mansur to the question. The statement of the one who backbites is not evidence and the affair requires a legal Islamic text to support it.

(Athar al-Waridah Fi Jawaz Ghibah al-Hakim al-Ja’ir p.17-18)

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