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[Fatwa] – Does Uncovering The Awrah Invalidate Wudhu? – Shaikh ul-Hadith Ubaydullah Rehmani al-Mubarakpuri

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


Question: If the lower garment is raised above the knees is wudhu invalidated? What part of the body if uncovered invalidates wudhu? Does raising the lower garment to the thighs break and invalidate wudhu?

Answer: Wudhu is not invalidated, nor does it break If garments or clothes are raised above the knees or to the thighs, or if private parts are uncovered. This means a person’s wudhu does not break if clothes are removed from these body parts. However, if a person touches his private parts without clothes (or a barrier) then it is necessary for him to renew or repeat his wudhu. The Noble Prophet ﷺ said,

Whoever touched his private parts should perform wudhu. (Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar, 1/58, Chapter, does touching the private parts obligate Wudhu or not).      


(Al-Fatawa al-Rehmaniyyah 1/101)


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