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[Biography] Allamah Shaikh Muhammad Ataullah Hanif Bhojiyani [1407H]

Compiled, Translated and Annotated

Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

First published 1st Ramadhaan 1428 / 12th September 2007  


The Statements of the Scholars in praise of him

Shaikh Aasim Abdullah al-Qaryootee said, “Defender of the Sunnah, al-Muhaddith, al-Faqeeh, the worshipper, the pious and righteous, al-Imaam al-Allaamah Abu Tayyib Muhammad Ataaullaah Haneef bin Mian Sadr ud deen Hussain al-Bhojiyaanee”

Shaikh Zubair Alee Za’ee said in his book on Jarh Wat-Ta’deel titled Anwaar as-Sabeel, “I Heard ash-Shaikh al-Imaam Abu Muhammad Badee ud deen Raashdee (say) Thiqah (trustworthy), hujjah (evidence), Imaam, pious, righteous and a faqeeh.”

Abaa al-Qaasim Muhibbullaah Shaah ar-Raashidee said, “My Shaikh is thiqah from amongst the Thiqaat (trustworthy from amongst the trustworthy ones), teacher, there are few people like him in this era.”

What status of this Imaam and his level of trustworthiness as affirmed by the thiqat of the Balad (trustworthy one of the country) Allaamah Muhibullaah who said (thiqah minath-thiqaat) in comparison to the thiqah(ness) of the one from Birmingham.

Shaikh Aasim al-Qaryootee also said “he was from the Major scholars of Ahlul Hadeeth of Pakistaan.”

He Shaikh Qaryootee also said, “Many scholars of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia have praised from the likes of Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaari and Shaikh Doctor Muhammad Amaan (al-Jamee).”

Fadheelatush-Shaikh Saaleh al-Luhaydaan Chief justice of Saudia Arabia said, “Al-Allaamah al-Ustaad Muhammad Ataaullaah.”

Shaikh Zubair Alee Za’ee also said, “narrated to me Abu al-Waleed Khaalid bin Fathee al-Filasteenee who said, “Informed me Abdul-Hameed al-A’raaqee that I heard Salman ask Shaikh Badee ud deen ar-Raashidee concerning Ataaullaah Haneef, he said (ie Badee ud deen), “a man Allaah granted knowledge and action and good manners.”

He was born in the village of Bhojiyaan in the district of Amritsar in India in the year 1908ce

His Teachers

He received his early education from Abdul Kareem Bhojiyaanee and from the likes of the established Ahlul Hadeeth scholars of the local vicinity, the renowned and learned Shaikh Faidhullaah Khaan and his son the esteemed Shaikh Abdur Rahmaan Bhojiyanee whom he studied books of hadeeth like Buloogh al-Maraam, Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh and books of Sarf and Nahw. Both teachers had great impact on him and his education as the Shaikh affirmed himself

He then travelled to Delhi in the year 1924ce and studied with ash-Shaikh al-Allaamah Abdul Jabbaar Khandailwee one of the foremost students of al-Imaam al-Allaamah al-Hujjah, the hadeeth master, Abdur Rahmaan Mubaarakpooree, with him he studied the 6 books of hadeeth and Jalalain, he also got Ijaazah from the Shaikh for the 6 books and Muwatta Imaam Maalik.

Whilst in Delhee he also studied with yet another hadeeth master and scholar, the Allaamah the Imaam Abu Saeed Sharf ud deen Dehlwee (from the teachers of Imaam Badee ud deen Shah Raashidee as-Sindhee) books such as Muwatta Imaam Maalik and Sharh Nukhbatul Fikr.

Thereafter the Imaams quest and thirst for knowledge was not quenched and he immediately travelled to Ghondlanawla a district of Gujranwala in Pakistaan and studied with another Hadeeth Master, the Haafidh the Imaam al-Allaamah Muhammad Muhaddith Ghondalwee with whom he studied numerous books on various sciences and subjects.

Also included from amongst his teachers were Shaikh Amanullaah, Shaikh Ataaullaah Lakhwee and the Imaam the Muhaddith Abu Turaab Muhammad Abdul-Tawaab al-Multaanee. From these Shaikhs he attained many ijaazahs an chains reaching back to the Messenger of Allaah (Sallaallahu Alayhee Wasalam) via Imaam Shawkaanee and Shaikh Shaah Waleeullaah Dehlawee and others.

Until 1932ce his travelling to and forth from various shaikhs in search for knowledge, he continued this jorney until he returned his home village of Bhojiyaan where he started to teach in the madrassah of his esteemed teacher Shaikh Abdur Rahmaan by his request.

Up until 1947ce he remained in India engaging in various dawah activities, in teaching and admonishing the people in his sermons and lectures and campaigning heavily in the expulsion of the British from India. He then migrated to Pakistan and began his work and dawah efforts in spreading the message of adhering Quraan and Sunnah with a strong emphasis on Tawheed and Aqeedah.

In Pakistan he established a book shop Maktabah Salafiyyah in Lahore where he began to buy and sell books and later publish. The Shaikh had a great interest in books especially old books that were hard to find so much so that he would sacrifice is own personal needs in order to acquire books whether new or old, hence over the years he accumulated many books and this became his treasure which he would later republish or re edit.

In 1980-1981 he established another institute Daar ad-Dawah as-Salafiyyah which had 4 functions, one was for scholarly research on books, editing and publishing them, a week magazine al-E’itisaam which the Shaikh started in 1949 and, a library and classes teaching children Quraan.

Other than this his participation and positions he held were numerous and extensive in terms of his teaching posts and many of the teaching institutes he established.

 His Students

The Shaikh had hundreds of students, some of them,

Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Muhammad Ishaaq

Shaikh Azeez ur Rahmaan Lakhwee

Shaikh Muhammad Yahyaa Azeez Meer Muhammadee

Qadhee Muhammad Aslam Fairozpooree

Shaikh Sayyid Abu Bakr Ghaznawee

Shaikh Muhammad bin Ismaa’eel Salafee

Shaikh Muhammad Yoonus Atharee

Shaikh Abul-Qaasim Muhibullah Shaah Raashidee Sindhee

Shaikh Ma’een ud deen Lakhwee

Shaikh Muhammad Ishaaq Bhatti

Shaikh Haafidh Salaah ud deen Yoosuf

Shaikh Muhammad Suliamaan Ansaari

Shaikh Muhammad Saadiq Khaleel

Shaikh Saif ur Rahmaan al-Falaah

Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Muhammad Alee Jaanbaaz

Shaikh Muhammad Sulaimaan Bhojiyaanee

Shaikh Khudaa Baksh Bhojiyaanee

Shaikh Basheer Ahmad Bhojiyaanee

his son Shaikh Ahmad Shaakir

and many many more

Shaikh Dr. Aasim Abdullaah al-Qaryootee said, “those who were honoured by having Ijaazah (for books of hadeeth) from the Shaikh were,

Shaikh Alee Hasan Abdul Hameed al-Halabee and

Dr Masaa’id ar-Raashid

And myself (meaning Shaikh al-Qaryootee)

The Shaikhs had numerous works, his explanations, his notes, introductions, those he republished, his articles in many of magazines and newspapers.

His works 

His well known work is his explanation of Sunan an-Nasaa’ee known as,

Ta’leeqaat as-Salafiyyah A’la Sunan an-Nasaa’ee

Faidh al-Wadood Fee Ta’leeq A’la Sunan Abee Dawood 2 parts

Checking of Itihaaf an-Nabiyyah Feemaa Yahtaaj Ilayhee al-Muhaddith Wal-Fiqiyyah of Shaah Waleeullaah Dehlaweenots

Notes on Juzz Qiraa’h Khalf al-Imaam of Imaam Bukhaari

Notes of Ibn Hajr’s Tabaqaat al-Mudalliseen

A biography of Imaam Shawkaanee

A book on Dua

Unpublished notes on Buloogh al-Maraam

A refutation of grave worship

Rad’a al-Anaam Aan Muhdathaat A’ashir al-Muharram al-Haraam

Checking an notes to Tanqeeh ur-Ruwaah Fe Takhreej Ahadeeth al-Mishkaat

Unpublished Al-Iktifaa Bi-Tafseer al-Istiwaa Laa Bit-Ta’weel al-Istiwaa

Checking and notes on al-Itibaa of Qaadhee Ibn Abil Izz al-Hanafee for the first time

Notes on Usool at-Tafseer of Ibn Taymiyyah

Notes to Akmal al-Bayaan

His work on al-Eeqaaf Fee Asbaab al-Ikhtilaf of Muhammad Hayat Sindhee

Notes on the biographies of Abu Haneefah, Ahmad bin Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyyah

A detailed treatise in defence of Musnad Imam Ahmad

His introduction to, “The Position of Jaamaat Islaami on Hadeeth” of Allaamah Ismaa’eel Salafee

The Events of Karbala

Notes on al-Fauz al-Kabeer Fee Usool ast-Tafseer, letters and al-Balaaqg al-Mubeen of Shaah Waleeullaah Dehlawee

And many many more.

 The Shaikh the Imaam al-Allaamah died in 1987ce in Lahore in Pakistaan. May Allaah reward the Shaikh for his work and service to this ummah and may he grant him a high rank and status on the day of judgement. Ameen

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