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Love for ‘Ali – Hafiz Sher Muhammad


Translated Abu Sinan Checked & Revised Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari Taken from ‘Fadail As-Sahabah Sahih Riwayat Ki Roshni Mein’  (p.40-43) Tahqiq and Takhrij by Shaykh Zubair ‘Aliza’i The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said on the Day of Khaybar, “Tomorrow, I will surely give this flag to a man by whose hands …

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Imam Sufyan bin ʿUyaynah and The Sunnah

Sufyan bin Uyaynah

Translated Abu Sinan Checked & Revised Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari   His Birth and Lineage He is Al-‘Allamah, Al-Hafidh, Shaykh Al-Islam, Muhaddith Al-Haram Sufyan bin ‘Uyaynah, son of Abu ‘Imran Maymun, Mawla (freed slave) of Muhammad bin Muzahim, brother of Adh-Dhahak bin Muzahim, Al-Hilali Al-Kufi Al-Makki (he later settled in Makkah). His …

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[Biography] – The Allamah and Muhaddith of this Era, Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Ghondalwi (d.1405H/1985) – Some Memories; Some Observations – Shaykh Irshad ul-Haq Athari


Translated and Annotated Abu Khuzaimah Ansari (This biography from is Maqalat Irshad ul-Haq Athari, 4:369-403, which I have very slightly adapted) [tn. introduction: This a very brief biography of Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Ghondalwi by his astute and perceptive student, Shaykh Irshad ul-Haq Athari. We find that the true people of …

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