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Raful al-Laa’imah Aanil Ai’mah – Lifting the Blame From the Imams Series – Part 4 – In Defence of the Sahabi Jalil Abu Hurairah (RadhiAllahu Anhu) Part 1 – Shaikh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Junaghadi [1360H]

In Defence of The Sahabi al-Jalil
The Faqeeh, The Mujtahid, The Muhaddith
Abu Hurairah
(Radhiallaahu Anhu)
Part 1
Allamah ash-Shaikh, The Orator of Hindh and Ahlul-Hadeeth 
Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Muhaddith Junaghadi (d.1360)
Series compilers, Translated and Annotated
Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


Imaam Badee ud deen said about him (Muhammad ibn Ibrahim),

“The Sword and lion of Allaah, The orator of Ahlul-Hadeeth, the one who manifested the truth, the destroyer of falsehood, the meticulous with the pen ash-Shaikh al-Allaamah and the one not in need of any introduction.

From Sayf Muhammadi

The Allegations.

The hanafee book of principle of fiqh, Usool ash-Shahsee says,

“The companion who narrates hadeeth of the Messenger who is not a faqeeh (jurist) and the hadeeth contradicts the Qiyaas (analogical reasoning) of the Imaam (ie Imaam Abu Haneefah) then in this situation it is more superior to act on the analogical reasoning and not on the hadeeth.” (Usool ash-Shaashee (pg.75).

In the same book (pg.75) it says,

“LIKE Abu Hurairah and Anas bin Maalik.”

Ie Abu Hurairah and Anas bin Maalik both were not mujtahids, muftee’s or faqeeh’s. Then after a couple of lines the author writes Uqbah bin Aamir and the all of the companions of the villages were not faqeeh’s.

Dear readers! You see these people do not even hesitate in swearing to the companions, you may read for yourselves they are saying they (the companions) were stupid and lacked intelligence. I ask is not this Rafdh (Raafidhiyyah-Shee’ism) and is not this the beginning of rejecting and denying hadeeth.

It says in Noor al-Anwaar (p.183) (hanafee books of principles)

“Anas and Abu Hurairah were not jurists.”

This is despising and disparaging the companions, Why? The authors of Noor al-Anwaar and Usool ash-Shashee are considered to be jurists and the students of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) and his servants and non-jurists??? 

This is the disparagement of this disparaging group of people and the servant companions of the Messenger of Allaah were not even saved from their ill speech, ill thoughts, and enmity. Then Oh Ahlul-Hadeeth what are you (that they wont speak about you).

Then observe the level of jurisprudence of the author of Noor al-Anwaar, he writes,

“If the hadeeth are acted upon then the door of opinion and analogical reasoning will be closed.”

This is the respect for hadeeth they have and he is trying to say if we act upon hadeeth then what is the use of opinion and analogical resonating. So when opinions and analogical reasoning is abandoned then what use will there be in the commands in performing taqleed of the Imaams. Therefore it is necessary for them to preserve this and eliminate hadeeth and therefore it is also necessary to disparage the companions. So they say hadeeth is not worthy to be acted upon, the companions are stupid and lack understanding whilst they adopted analogical reasoning.

Cry your tears on the mourning of the muqallideen

Hisaamee (pg.75) says,

“Abu Hurairah and Anas bin Maalik were not jurists.”

The explainer of this book in the footnotes writes from Mabsoot,

“If the narrator of a hadeeth is Abu Hurairah and the hadeeth contradicts analogical reasoning then analogical reasoning is given precedence and the hadeeth is not acted upon.”

The same is mentioned in Tawdheeh Talweeh (pg.305) and much more……..

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