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[Part 3] – The Anti Wahhabi, Salafi & Saudi Narrative from Bareily – The World Sufi Conference, Akhtar Raza Khan, Qadiri & Saqib Shami Further Infighting.

Compiled, Translated & Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari



By now you would have seen the way these Sufi Barailwi’s act, their shenanigans and their threats on telling Bibi Theresa May, when we have shown that they have traits which really need to be corrected and purified from the Quran and Sunnah. In this part we will look at the inter Sufi Barelwi polemics and the continuation of the Saga of Tahir ul-Qadiri. In Part 2 we relayed refutation of Tahir ul-Qadiri by Irfan Shah Mashadi, who resides in the United Kingdom, while the former, frequents the UK and his organisation also have branches throughout the UK.

This saga continued abroad in Delhi, India. last year in March 2016, the sufi’s of India organised a ‘World Sufi Conference’, wherein they called over 200 delegates from around the world. The conference was inaugurated by the Indian criminal prime minister Narendra Modi, who has Muslim blood and lives on his hand. One can search the internet for further information regarding this event and the participation of Modi (just search youtube with Modi on the state, quite sickening to see all the Mullahs with him). It has been said this was the first time Modi went to any major event of the Muslims, and where does he end up, with the World Sufi conference. This is why some of the elder Scholars of the Ahl al-Hadith from the subcontinent would say Barailwism is the result of making wudu on Hinduism, just like best pals.

From the people who were invited were the likes of Tahir ul-Qadiri and Saqib Shami. Quite naturally when you are trained to insult, quarrel and cause discord then noting beyond this is achieved. So Saqib Shami unleashes on Tahir ul-Qadiri and levied all sorts of allegations whilst referring to him as the Shaykh ul-Islam, so he is the Shaykh of Islam and Saqib has an innate problem with the real Shaykh of Islam, Imam Ibn Taymiyyah. In the video Saqib Shami goes onto say Hum as in Haa Mim and that hum is from India and India is from Hum meaning Haa for Hindu and Mim for Muslim. We would rather not make any analysis of these emotional outbursts in the context of the shariah.

The main focus of the Sufi conference was to unleash their poisonous venom against Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah, the Salafis and Ahl al-Hadith and declare them to be terrorists and extremists. We suppose this is nothing new as this tradition of the Sufi Barelwis is centuries old with the only difference being the shift to extremist Hindus as opposed to colonial powers. Saqib Shami says



Then one of the leaders of the Sufis responds to Saqib Shami in the very same conference, as well as indirect jabs at the CROWN OF THE SHARIAH of India (linked to Barailwism itself) he says



In the the video above the Sufi at 5:45 says that india’s administration, control and affair i.e. th Nizam is in the hands of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti!!!  Dear readers, this is the level of these people, that they are shamelessly riddled with shirk. Dr Tahir ul-Qadiri then issued a reply, however it seems like it is an older video which the followers of Tahir ul-Qadiri have posted with regards to the false allegations on Qadiri



Then we have the great grandson of Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan himself, Muhammad Aktar Raza Khan, issuing a fatwa of BOYCOTTING this conference and the organisers of this world sufi conference and in the video, he refer to Tahir ul-Qadiri as Tahir ul-padiri (i.e. christian or jewish priest). Akhtar Raza Khan also refers to the Sufi conference as a lying conference and refutes them heavy. What is also very interesting to note is that we have mentioned the whole purpose of the conference, which was to invite the Indian criminal prime Minister, Modi and to show how the Sufis are refuting and ostracising the alleged Wahabi terrorists and extremists, but……Akhtar Raza Khan says in the video, the conference itself is the biggest terrorist threat, the conference is itself it deceptive which is not against the terrorists but rather the conference is against the Iman and Islam of the REAL MUSLIMS??




So we have the great grandson of Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan, the Barailwi leader himself, Mawlana Akhtar Raza Khan, who has the title of the Crown of Shariah saying the Wahhabis, Salafis and Ahl al-Hadith are the ones with real Islam and Imam (Haqiqi Iman wa Islam)

Let us also not forget that oft repeated title of Saudi Wahabi’s, british Saudi created factions, petrol dollars, Saudi funded sect, Wahhabi terrorists etc, we say, we would rather accept this than sit in the lap of someone like the evil and Muslim killer, Modi. So what shall we refer to you guys as, Modi lovers, Hindu or Hindi Rupees or the BJP lovers!!! what to they say in their loud voices, Ya Najdiyyah….. yes do not worry we can move onto najd in the next part inshAllah



















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