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Muhammad bin Mus`ab Ad-Da`a’ [228H]

Muhammad bin Mus`ab Ad-Da`a’
(000 – 228 H.)


Prepared by: Um Abdullah al-Misawi
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Name: Muhammad bin Mus`ab Al-`Abid, from Baghdad. ( * )
Kunya: Abu Ja`far.
The Nickname “Ad-Da`a’: Abu Sa`d As-Sam`ani said about it: “It is used for the one who does a lot of du`a and is well-known of that, and the one known with that (nickname) is Abu Ja`far Muhammad bin Mus`ab Ad-Da`a’.” (1)

His Teachers:
– Abdullah bin al-Mubarak
– Ar-Rabee` bin Badr
– Ahmad bin Hanbal

His Students:
– Abul Hasan bin Al-`Attar
– Ja`far bin Ahmad bin Sam
– Muhammad bin Nasr As-Sa’igh (2)

His Life and Scholars’ Views of Him:

Ibn Sa`d (d. 230 H.) said: “His kunya is Abu Ja`far, he wasa recitors (reciters ??) of the book of Allah, and he heard the Hadith and sat with the people. He was trustworthy (thiqah) insha Allah.” (3)
Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said: “He was a righteous man, he used to tell stories, and make duaa standing in the Masjid”, then he said: “Sometimes Ibn `Aliyah might sit in the Masjid al Jame` listening to his du`a.”
He also said: “He came to me once and wrote some Hadeeths, and sat in this seat of yours, and said: ‘O Lord hide me under Your Throne.” (4)
Abu Bakr Al-Marrudhi said: “I asked Abu Abdullah (Imam Ahmad) about Muhammad bin Mus`ab Al-`Abid, so he praised him and said: ‘And what a man!’; I said: Was he upon Sunnah?; He replied: “Yes, I swear; and I have written from him’. ” (13)
Muhammad bin Nasr As-Sa’igh said: “I heard from Muhammad bin Mus`ab al-`Abid, he was from the ones whose du`as are answered, and I have not seen a better recitor of the Book of Allah (Quran) than him.” (5)
Al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi said: “He was one of the remembered worshipers, and known recitors (of the Quran), Ahmad bin Hanbal praised him, and described him to be upon Sunnah.” (6) Adh-Dhahabi said about him: “One of the awliya’ of Allah, he was a person of karamat.” (7)
As-Safadi said: “His truthfulness and trustworthiness has been agreed upon.” (8)

The Ma`mun had once ordered that Muhammad bin Mus`ab be imprisoned. When he was being taken to prison, Muhammad raised his head to the sky, and said: “I take an oath by You (Allah) if I am imprisoned tonight, that I leave (prison) in the middle of the night.”, so Imam Muhammad prayed Fajr in his home. (9)
The Messenger of Allah said: “There are some of Allah’s servants who, if they take an oath by Allah, Allah fullfils them.” [Sahih Bukhari and Muslim]

Muhammad bin Mus`ab said: I heard Ibn al-Mubarak mentioning Al-Awza`i narrating that Bilal bin Sa`d said: «Do not look at the smallness of the sin, but look at Who you disobeyed.» (10)

He died in Baghdad in the month of Dhul Qi`dah, year 228 Hijri. (11)

Some of His Statements in Matters of Belief:
Muhammad bin Mus`ab said: «Whoever claims that You do not speak, and that you are not seen on the day of judgement, then he is a disbeliever (kafir) in You and does not know You, I testify that You are above the Throne, above the seven heavens, and not as Your enemies, the heretics, say.” Its chain is sahih. (12)


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