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Biography of ash-Shaykh Muhammad ‘Alee Aadam al-Ithyoobee

Biography of ash-Shaykh Muhammad ‘Alee Aadam al-Ithyoobee

Taken from Is‘aaf Thawee al-Watar (1/13-14)

Translated by Aboo Shaybah

The source of this biography is the book Is‘aaf Thawee al-Watar (Daar al-Aathaar print, 1st ed.) and it is an explanation of Alfiyyah as-Suyootee which deals with the area of mustalah al-hadeeth. The explanation was authored by our Shaykh and teacher, Muhammad ‘Alee Aadam, and one of his students put together this brief biography printed with the book in 2008/1429h. A few small notes were added by the translator concerning certain works of the Shaykh which were in print by the time of this translation in 2012/1433h.

He is the Shaykh and outstanding scholar in hadeeth, fiqh, usool, and nahw, Muhammad ibn ash-Shaykh al-‘Allaamah ‘Alee ibn Aadam ibn Moosaa al-Ithyoobee al-Wallawee.

He studied with many scholars in his home country, among them: his father, as well as ash-Shaykh al-‘Allaamah ‘Abdul-Baasit ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Ithyoobee al-Buwarannee al-Minaasee, and others.

He memorized many academic texts and poetry as well, such as Alfiyyah ibn Maalik, the Alfiyyah of as-Suyootee in mustalah al-hadeeth, and others. He became very proficient and outstanding in various branches of theoretical and transmitted knowledge including nahw, sarf, balaaghah, usool, mantiq, hadeeth, fiqh, and other disciplines of Islamic scholarship.

He later moved to the sanctified land of Allaah, Makkah al-Mukarramah, where he presently teaches by day at Daar al-Hadeeth al-Khayriyyah and by night in its masjid. [Translator’s note: at the time of this translation, the Shaykh currently teaches by night at a masjid called Jaami‘ al-Abraar in a part of Makkah known as an-Nakkaasah]. He has devoted himself in the service of knowledge and all who seek it in the sanctified land of Allaah, and he has authored many works in various sciences, and particularly in the field of hadeeth. Among them are:

1) An explanation of the Alfiyyah of as-Suyootee in mustalah al-hadeeth which is entitled, Is‘aaf Thawee al-Watar bi-Sharh Nathm ad-Durar fee ‘Ilm al-Athar. It is a two volume work which is his abridged explanation of the Alfiyyah. He has a more expansive commentary which has not yet been printed.

2) An explanation of Sunan an-Nasaa’ee which is entitled, Thakheerah al-‘Uqbaa fee Sharh al-Mujtabaa. It is a forty volume work which showcases how truly well-read he is and the incredibly vast scope of his knowledge. Over twenty volumes of it have already been printed. [Translator’s note: at present, all forty volumes have been printed. The first printing was done by Daar al-Mi‘raaj and Daar aal-Baroom, and a second printing was issued by Daar ibn al-Jawzee in 2011/1432h).

3) An explanation of Sunan ibn Maajah which is entitled Mashaariq al-Anwaar al-Wahhaajah wa Mataali‘ al-Asraar al-Bahhaajah. The Shaykh is still in the process of completing it, and it will be a twelve volume work once finished.

4) Qurrah al-‘Ayn fee Talkhees Taraajim Rijaal as-Saheehayn, a single volume work.

5) A poem in one hundred and eighteen lines about mudallis narrators of hadeeth entitled al-Jawaahir an-Nafees fee Nathm Asmaa’ wa Maraatib al-Mawsoofeen bit-Tadlees.

6) An explanation of the introduction to Saheeh Muslim which is presently under publication. [Translator’s note: this explanation to the Saheeh Muslim introduction has been printed in two volumes. The Shaykh has also authored a very expansive explanation of Saheeh Muslim itself, entitled al-Bahr al-Muheet ath-Thajjaaj fee Sharh Saheeh al-Imaam Muslim ibn Hajjaaj. At the time of this translation, approximately twenty volumes of it have been printed.]

7) al-Jalees as-Saalih an-Naafi‘ bi-Tawdeeh Ma‘aanee al-Kawkab as-Saati‘. It is a large single volume work which is an usool based commentary to the poem [al-Kawkab as-Saati‘] of as-Suyootee in usool al-fiqh.

8) A poem in usool al-fiqh conforming to the principles of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa‘ah consisting of over two thousand lines. He also has a commentary to it, some of which has been printed in the form of course material for his students. [Translator’s note: the poem has been printed under the title at-Tuhfah al-Mardiyyah, and its explanation has been printed under the title al-Minhah ar-Radiyyah.]

9) Fath al-Qareeb al-Mujeeb fee Sharh Kitaab Mudnee al-Habeeb mimman yuwaalee Mughnee al-Labeeb which is on the subject of nahw. It is an explanation of a poem composed by his Shaykh, al-‘Allaamah ‘Abdul-Baasit ibn Muhammad al-Buwarannee.

He has authored other works as well which have not yet seen the light of day.

One of the most astonishingly remarkable things about the Shaykh is that when he first came to

Daar al-Hadeeth, he sought to be admitted there as a student. When they examined him, as they do with any other student, they found themselves before a multi-disciplinary scholar and they admitted him as an instructor rather than a student. May Allaah reward him immensely for his service to Islaam.

The Shaykh has regular classes in Makkah. Many talented students study with him and very many students of Daar al-Hadeeth have graduated at his hands and spread throughout the world. This is in addition to his work in the area of issuing verdicts and calling to Allaah.

We ask Allaah to bless him in his life and to bestow upon him health and protection. Indeed, Allaah is near and responds.

In closing, what is written here about our Shaykh and tremendous scholar, Muhammad ‘Alee Aadam, is insufficient to do justice in describing him.

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