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Hanafi Fiqh is the Origin of all Deviated Sects – Shaikh Badi ud-Din Shah ar-Rashidi as-Sindhi (d.1416H)

Translated by
Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


Hanafi Fiqh is the Origin of all Deviated Sects

I say with conviction and insight all the present day religious deviated movements, for example Christian missionaries, the communist movement, Chakralwi and other hadith rejectors like them, Qadiyani (Mirzai’s), and the shi’a sect, their origins can be found in the (books) of Hanafi fiqh, and this is further endorsed through the Hanafi fiqh issues and origins. Although they all appear to be separate and independent, their true origins lie within Hanafi fiqh. If anyone wants to substantiate this, they can take any deviated sect and they will find their issues rooted in Hanafi fiqh.   

(at-Tafsil al-Jalil (p.60) Shaikh Badi ud-Din Shah ar-Rashidi as-Sindhi

The Foundation of the Issues of Deviated Sects and Hanafi Fiqh

Oh detractor, you proved deceptive in your point against us, you claimed we said, “all deviated sects are from the Ahnaf.”

We did not write it in this manner nor what he intended to portray. The Ahlul Hadith and Hanafis in their own place, many Muslims apostate. A few people became Muslims and apostated during the lifetime of Allah’s Messenger Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam, does this now mean we malign Islam? We seek refuge in Allah from such a thing. We did not say this at all that Chakralwis, Shi’a, Qadiyanis and others are from the Ahnaf. What we intended is that the origins of several issues related to deviated sects, or their support can be found in the book of the Hanafis.

(al-Mabsut al-Maghbut (p.159) of Shaikh Badi ud-Din Shah ar-Rashidi as-Sindhi

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