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[Biography] – Shaykh al-Allamah al-Muhaddith Ghulamullah al-Rahmati (d.1442H)

Selected, Annotated & Translated

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


Shaykh al-Allamah al-Muhaddith Ghulamullah b. Rahmatullah al-Kakari al-Rahmati (d.1442H)

The Shaykh was born ins 1358H / 1937CE in Kortiyyah in the city of Qandahar in southern Afghanistan.

He sought knowledge from his father who was a scholar in the local area, he read and studied basic books with him until he was 8 years old. After his father’s death, he was under the care of his maternal uncle.

The Shaykh’s family moved around to different places Sawb, Helmand and Faryab.

He learnt Qa’idah Baghdadiyyah, The Qur’an, beginner books of Farsi, like Hafiz Shirazi. He also studied Tuhfatun Nasa’ih, Shurut al-Salah, Nur al-Zullam, Sharh Fiqh al-Akbar, Sharh Mulla Ilyas, then Sharh Wiqayah, Mustakhlis al-Haqaiq Sharh Kunz al-Daqaiq, Sarf Bahai, Sarf Mirzanjani, Marah al-Arwah, books on Mantiq, books on Nahw and Ilm al-Balaghah.

He later went onto study Usul al-Fiqh, Mishkat al-Masabih, Tafsir al-Jalayan, Muwatta al-Imam Malik al-Shaybani’s recension. He also studied, Hashiyyah Abd al-Ghafur Ala Sharh Jami in Nahw. Ash-Shams al-Bazigah, Sharh al-Aq’aid al-Nasafiyyah, Hashiyyah Khali, Sharh Jami.

After his study he travelled to Pakistan when he was 18 years old to Madrassah Mazahir al-Ulum. He studied books on Hikmah, Mantiq, Sharh al-Matal’e, Sharh al-Isharat, Tafisr al-Baydawi, al-Hidayah in Hanafi fiqh.

He then travelled to Lahore and studied in Madrassah al-Ashrafiyyah, he studied the 6 books of hadith, al-Muwatta, Sharh Ma’ani al-Athar from Moulvi Muhmmamd Idris al-Khadhelwi and Shaykh Rasul Khan al-Hazarwi.

His Teachers

Moulvi Rehmatullah, the Shaykhs Father

Moulvi Abdul Qadir al-Balushi

Moulvi Najm ud-Din al-Kakari

Moulvi Sultan al-Kadi al-Baghlani

Moulvi Daad Muhammad al-Balkhi

Moulvi Ubaydullah Sulayman Khiyli

Moulvi Abdul Ghaffar al-Kakari al-Qandahari

Moulvi Abdullah al-Ajmeri

Moulvi Muhammad Idris Khandehlwi

Moulvi Rasul Khan al-Hazarwi

Moulvi Abdul Khaliq al-Martanki

Moulvi Ahmad Ali Lahori

He also received Ijazah in hadith from Shaykh Badi ud-Din al-Shah al-Rashidi al-Sindhi.

Also his association with ash-Shaykh Muhammad Isra’il as-Salafi

Ash-Shaykh Thanaullah al-Madani

Ash-Shaykh Abdul Shakur al-Burmawi

Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Tawfiq an-Nahhas

Ash-shaykh Ahmad b, Qasim al-Yaqini al-Yemani

His Students

The Shaykh had numerous students while he taught in Afghanistan, Pakistan, KSA and Kuwait. And 500 scholars graduated from his institute, Dar ul-Qur’an wal-Hadith as-Salafiyyah. From his well-known students are,

Moulvi Asam ud-Din al-Kunduzi

Moulvi Muhammad Afzal as-Sawati

Moulvi Abdul Ghafur al-Harawi

Moulvi Abdul Qahir as-Salafi

Moulvi Abdul Wudud al-Nabil

Moulvi Ubaydullah al-Madani

Moulvi Khawaja Muhammad al-Kunduzi

Moulvi Abdur Razzaq al-Alawi

Moulvi Salih Muhammad al-Qandahari

Ash-Shaykh Abu Sa’id Sa’dullah al-Kakari

Moulvi Abdul Matin Nurkhayl

And many others.

His Works

Tahdhir al-Muslimin Anil Hukm Bi-Ghayr Ma Nazzalahu Rabbil A’lamin


Tahafut al-Fuqaha

Also his recorded lessons and explanations of Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim, Mishkat al-Masabih, Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Tafsir of the Qur’an and other recorded lessons.

The Shaykh used to be a Sufi and after the truth became clear to him from the Quran and Sunnah, he adopted the way of Ahlus Sunnah. He had ferocious discussions with the Barelwis, Deobandis and Panjpiriyyah and presented the truth to them and defeated them.

He was imprisoned in Afghanistan and after his release he migrated to Pakistan. He became the Shaykh ul-Hadith in Jamia al-Athariyyah in Peshawar. He taught in other institutes too and then went on to teach at Jama’ah ad-Dawah which was later named Dar al-Qur’an wal-Hadith as-Salafiyyah. Here he taught the beginner classes all the way to the specialist hadith classes from the times of the Madrassahs inception in 1413H. The Shaykh never stopped teaching Sahih al-Bukhari and Sunan al-Tirmidhi in his unique style of teaching all of the hadith and the meanings of the words and other related matters.

While in Kuduz he also taught and was working and the deputy of the formidable Shaykh Jamil ur-Rehman and thereafter took the position of the rector of the Madrassah in Kunduz, Jama’ah al-Da’wah Ilal Qur’an was-Sunnah in Afghanistan.

The Shaykh has so many Ijazat in so many books that it would be very lengthy to mention all of them. The Shaykh had many chains of transmission through the Pakistani and Sindhi Allamah and Muhaddith, Shaykh Abu Muhammad Badi ud-Din Shah al-Rashidi al-Sindhi.

The Shaykh had a number of children and he was married 5 times, he had 24 children. His son Shaykh Abdul Hamid al-Rahmati has taken his position and teaches upon the methodology of his father.

Shaykh Ghulamullah Rehmati died on 16th of Jumatada ath-Thani 1442 / 29th Friday January 2021. May Allah have mercy on him and forgive him, Amin.

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