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Clearing the Allegations and Attack on Allamah Rabbani Shaikh Muhammad Nasir ud-Din al-Albani (1420H) – Part 6 – The Hanafi Madhab of the Hanafi Fiqh Channel Say “Whoever looks in Sahih al-Bukhari is a Zindiq”

Compiled, Translated and Annotated

Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


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After the last (5th) part highlighting the reality of the Hanafi Fiqh Channel (HFC) and their flagrant attach on Shaikh Allamah Rabbani Shaikh Muhammad Nasir ud Din al-Albani, we thought this was sufficient, and we believe it, InshaAllah is, on all accounts in exposing the reality of these so called Deobandi Ash’ari Hanafi’s who take the mick out of the Hanafiyyah.

We thought it pertinent to give the readers the last dose in this series concerning the reality of the hanafi church fathers and what the view of the hanafi elders was regarding Sahih al-Bukhari. It will also show the reality of these so called apologists for modern Hanafism. In essence the reality of this quagmire of Deobandi Hanafi Ash’ari Maturidism is nothing but neo-Jahmism while opposing the divine texts.

The HFC produced a second attempting to malign Shaikh al-Albani and his analysis of Sahih al-Bukhari, we say, let this part be a response to all subsequent responses from the HFC.

From here on, we will limit our words in order to highlight and emphasise the severity, depravity and repulsiveness of this view of the early hanafites and THEIR view of Sahih al-Bukhari.

Jamal ud-Din Yusuf bin Musa al-Malati al-Hanafi (d.803)

He was a Hanafi Judge from Halab who settled in Cairo, apart from the “ODD” views and Fatawa of “GETTING HIGH” (just like the Hanafi Fiqh Channel) and others that he issued, we will sidestep them and just look at the main point, he said,


“من نظر كتاب في البخاري تزندق”

“Whoever looks in al-Bukhari’s book, becomes a Zindiq”



Rufa al-Asr



Hafiz Ibn Hajr al-Asqalānī, Rafuʿ al-Aṣr ʿAnn Quḍāʾ al-Miṣr, ed. Dr. ʿAlī Muḥammad ʿUmar, edn. 1st (Cairo: Maktabah Khanji, 1418/1988) p.477 no.259, which has the addition of “Often.”


Shadhrat al-Dhahab cov


Shadhrat 1

Shadhrat 2


Ḥāfiẓ Ibn al-ʿImād, Shadhrāt al-Dhahab Fī Akhbār Man Dhahab ed. ʿAbdul Qādir al-Arnāʿūṭ, Maḥmūd al-Arnāʿūṭ (Dimishq: Dār Ibn Kathīr, 1406/1986) 9:64-65, another edition 7:40)

al-Ḍawʾ al-Lāmʿe (10:335-336)

Inbaʾ al-Ghumar (4:346)

Dhayl al-Durar al-Kāminah (115-116 no.139) 

No words can express this ‘ATTACK’ on Sahih al-Bukhari that according to this hanafi elder, who was a judge and from the head of the Hanafi Madhhab who said, whoever looks in Bukhari becomes a Zindiq i.e. a disbeliver. Oh Deobandi Hanafi Ash’ari Maturidi’s, die in shame.


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