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[eBook] – The Clear Statement In Defence of Salaf as-Saaliheen from the Doubts of Some Jaahileen

We begin by praising Allāh the Lord of the Almighty Throne and sending peace and blessings upon our noble and beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam and all those who follow him with goodness until the last day.

To proceed:

We have been asked by our brother Raza Hasan to write a short introduction in his defence of Shaikh ul Islām ibn Taymiyyah in an issue of creed, being a critique of the miskin Deobandi Yasir Hanafī Jahmi, Mātarudi Sūfi Asharī. May All reward our brother for his noble efforts and accept his work before him as a means of allowing him to enter Al-Jannah. Āmīn.

Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed has been refuted and exposed for the fraudster that he really is on numerous occasions by us. He has clearly demonstrated his ignorance in every aspect of the sacred sciences and as such he should be warned against for his opposition to the manhaj and creed of the Salaf.

This said, we also have refuted the likes of his ‘run-arounds’ Yasir Jahmi and the new kid on the block Ibn Nur al-Shanti disgracefully known as Usamah Muttakin, both of whom are on vacation undergoing hormone replace therapy in Deoband. These people are upon the methodology of the Mutakallimin and the Mu’tazilites.

Raza Hasan has comprehensively answered everything and his effort has left us not much to comment upon, nonetheless we would like to, very concisely outline a few points as to why the Deobandis and their madhab Hanafiyyah is nothing more than a cauldron of falsehood, misguidance and wretchedness at its very route. In order to mask their falsehood, the Deobandis have always attacked the scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah and the Salaf who have exposed and contradicted their deviant ways and beliefs.

Imam Abu al-Muzaffar al-Sam’ani [409H] mentioned some incredible words concerning the Mutakallimin, the way of Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed, Yasir and Mutakin, he said that Allah sent his Messenger Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam to convey and propagate the Din and from the most essential and mandatory aspects of the Din that were commanded is the Aqidah of Tawhid. Tawhid is the foundation and the Din in itself. The Messenger of Allah Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam conveyed everything from the Usul and Qaw’aid without missing anything. You will not find in the whole Din that he called and propagated the call and the way of the Mutakallimin in deducing from Jawhar and Ard (ie atoms and particles) in fact a single letter is not established from the companions. Thus, we can surmise from this that the Mutakalimin are upon a path which totally contradicts and opposes the way of the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallm and his companions. Further, the principles and opinions they adhere to while opposing the aforementioned path they have concocted themselves. What is further depraved is that they target and insult the Salaf after formulating this futile way; they accused the Salaf of lacking knowledge and labelled their way as Tashbih. We warn everyone from the way of the Mutakallimin and to stay away from them as they have nothing but pure opinion and they even contradict and oppose each other in their writings. [Fath al-Bari [13:504]

Shaikh Abul Abbas Ahmad bin Ali al-Maqrizi [845H] wrote in detail concerning way of the Mutakallimin and their shenanigans. He rocked the foundations of the Ashariyyah and Kullabiyyah, he says, “All of the Arabs whether they were town people or bedouins heard the Sifat (of Allah) but they did not question the Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam about them just as they would question him about the prayer, zakah and hajj.”

He goes onto say, “If any of the companions had asked the Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam about any of the Sifat of Allah then indeed they would have been transmitted to us as well as the answers just as they have in numerous other issues like the Ahkam, Halal and Haram etc…”

He also said, “The person who has deep research into the Prophetic Hadith and the reports of the Salaf us-Salihin he will clearly know that it is not established from a single companions via an authentic or even a weak chain that they asked the Prophet Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam about the meaning of Dhat of Allah with regards to his Sifat as mentioned in the Quran and Hadith….. The reality is they understood the apparent Dhahir meaning of the Sifat, did not delve into Kalam and remained silent.”

He goes onto say, “Not a single companion made Ta’wil of any of the Sifat of Allah and in fact they were all united on the belief (Aqidah) that the Sifat are to be left on their apparent ie Dhahir meaning just as they were transmitted.” (Refer to al-Muwa’iz Wa’l Ei’tibar Bi-Zikr al-Khitat Wa’l Athar [2:356]    

The Ahl ul-Bidʿah throughout the ages have employed various means in order to attack and vilify Ahl us-Sunnah. If one was to consider the books written by the Salaf which deal with rudūd and naqd then it as clear that one of the greatest way to attack Ahl us-Sunnah is to attack, it’s scholars. In reality, the attack on the Ahl us-Sunnah scholars by Ahl ul-Bidʿah is to attack what they carry by way of knowledge from the book, Sunnah and Salaf.  Ahl ul-Bidʿah are fully aware that once the scholars honour is taken then the ignorant masses will have a seed of doubt put in their hearts

We say, one should not be surprised that the Deobandi Jahmi speaks ill of Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah as they have spoken ill of those far more superior than Ibn Taymiyyah such as the companions of the noble Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam and indeed our Lord Allah himself.

An example,

“Abū Hanīfah said that the Imān of Iblīs and the Imān of Abu Bakr is one as Abu Bakr said ‘Yaa Rabb’ [Oh My Lord] and Iblīs also said ‘Yaa Rabb’” [Tārīkh Baghdād [13:376]. It’s chain of narration is Sahīh].

We free the noble Imām from such a statement but ask where is the Deobandi Jahmi Yasirs and his sidekicks critique of this belief regardless of whether it is ascribed correctly to the Imām or not so? How can he critique this when he himself is a burnt Murji who believes Iman is that which is only found in the hearts whilst actions are not a part of Imān.

Those whose foundation is built upon speaking ill of the greatest scholar of this Ummah, Abu Bakr, whilst likening his Imān to Iblīs then what hope do the likes of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah have in being secure from such wretched tongues?

We say, the Deobandi Jahmi Yasir Hanafi saw fit to play on the words of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah accusing him of blaspheming Allah suggesting that the Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam will be seated next to him on his Throne then has he not seen the blasphemy being committed in his own home or does he just wish to remain blind? An example,

“Abū Hanīfa said that if one were to worship the shoe in order to get closer to Allāh then I see no issue with this.” [Tārikh Baghdad [13/374], Kitāb al-Marifah Wat Tārīkh [2/784], Kitāb al-Majrūhīn [3/73].

So where is the Deobandi Jahmi Yasirs critique of this belief regardless of whether it is ascribed correctly to the Imām or not so? InshaAllah we give husn al-dhan to Imām Abu Hanīfah over such statements and hold him in high esteem but sufficient it is to say that the likes of Yasir Deobandi Murji have never refuted or explained such statements but yet lie on other scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah.

We say, the books of the Hanafis are no better and have put the Ummah to trial and tribulation. You will see that the Hanafīs are only interested in preserving their madhab even if this means twisting meanings of the book and Sunnah as well as defaming the scholars. Some examples:

Abul Hasan Karkhī states: “Any verse which conflicts with the sayings of our companions [Hanafee scholars] then we will consider it as being abrogated or an issue of paramount consideration of evidence. It is better for an interpretation to be made so that the conflict can be resolved between the verse and the saying.” [Usūl al-Karkhī [pg.18]


“Anyone who refutes the saying of Abu Hanīfah may there be as much curse on him equating the grains of sand upon the earth” [Haskafi, Durr al-Mukhtar [1/63].


“When the Prophet Esa (Alayhis Salam) shall return to earth he shall give legal verdicts based upon the fiqh of Abu Hanīfah” [Khaskafi, Durr al-Mukhtār [1/55]


“The Prophet said [of course he did not as this is a complete fabrication],There will be a man from my Ummah who will be called Abū Hanīfah and he will have between his shoulders a sign and All will give life to the Sunnah through him” [Reported via Nadharī in Manāqib Abī Hanīfah [1/16].

Commenting on this Allamah Mu’allamī Said, “It is not hidden that the mentioning here of the sign between the shoulders is a reference and similarity to the seal of prophet hood between the shoulders of the Prophet Sallalahui Alayhi Wasallam.” [Mu’allamī, at-Tankīl [pg.216].


As for the dreams and mysticism of the elders of Deoband then by the honour of all if we were to write and continued writing many volumes would be produces showing the pathetic manhaj of the Deobandīs in trying to fool the Ummah and also blaspheming the prophet in the process. Just one example suffices.

Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi and or Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri write in their joint venture, al-Barahin al-Qatiya against their fellow Hanafi Sufi Barailwi [The real Mawlid Imam] Abdul Sami Rampuri about the superiority of the Madrasah (school) of Deoband:

“A noble person was blessed with a vision of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam), in which he saw Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) speaking in Urdu. The noble person asked, ‘How do you know this language, while you are an Arab?’ He (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said, ‘From the time I have been in contact with the scholars of the school of Deoband, I’ve known this language’.” Rasheed Ahmad Gungohi comments, “From this we understand the greatness of this Madrasah (school).” [al-Barāhīn al-Qātiya, Urdu Bazār, Karāchi, [pg.30]

So in order to propagate the prestige of a primary school the elders of Deoband claim to meet the Prophet just like there brother Tāhir Qādrī insists he invited and met the noble Prophet Sallalalhu alayhi Wasallam in Pakistan who was upset with the people.

Why does Yāsir Jahmī not free himself from the statements that we have mentioned? He can rest assured that by rebuking and freeing himself from such statements his hanafiyyah will remain intact if that is something that is worrying him. Or will he defy Allah and his Messenger seeking the pleasures of his cult rather than the face of Allāh?


Well is there any point in quoting further? Inshāllah the above suffices for the one who wants to ponder and reflect.

As for Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah then we suffice with the words from Allamah Uthaymīn concerning him and those like him who were put to trial by Ahl ul-Bidʿah due to their adherence to the book and Sunnah.  He commented,

‘Allah has sent Muhammad Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam with guidance and the true religion. He sent him as a mercy to the world, as an example for the workers, and as a proof against all the servants. He (Muhammad) fulfilled the trust, conveyed the message, advised the Ummah, and he clarified for the people all of what they need regarding the foundations of their religion as well as its detailed matters. He left no good except that he clarified it and encouraged it, and he left no evil but that he warned the Ummah from it so much so that he left his Ummah upon a clear, white path  its night as clear as its day. His companions traversed this path, shining and radiant. Afterwards, the best generations took it from them in the same state until oppression frowned upon them with the darkness of various innovations by which the innovators conspired against Islaam and its people. The people then wandered in confusion purposelessly, and they began building their Aqidah beliefs upon a spider’s web. However, the Lord upholds His religion with His close helpers upon whom He bestows Eemaan, knowledge, and wisdom by which they prevent these enemies. They repel their plot back against their own throats. So no one ever comes out with his innovation except that Allaah  and for this deserves praise and thanks  destines to send someone from AhlusSunnah who refutes and disproves his innovation and extinguishes it. There was from the foremost of those who stood up against these innovators    Shaikh ulIslam Taqi ud Din Ahmad ibn  Abdul Halim ibn Abdus Salam ibn Taymiyyah alHarani, alDimashqi. He was born in Haran (in Iraaq) on Monday, the 10th of Rabi alAwwal in the Hijrah year of 661 and he died whilst being imprisoned oppressively in the fortress of Damascus in DhulQa’dah in the Hijrah year 728  may Allah have mercy on him. He has many works on the clarification and explanation of the Sunnah, the reinforcement of its pillars, and the destruction of innovations.’ [al-Uthaymīn, Fathu Rabb al-Bariyyah bi‐Talkhis al-Hamawiyyah [pg.8].

What wise and profound words Imam Abu Muhammad al-Juwaini, the father of Imam al-Haramin said whilst advising the Ashariyyah and let the modern day Ashariyyah and Kullabiyyah ponder over this, “The person who despite studying so much is still ignorant of the Jihah of his creator yet a sheep herding slave girl knows Allah more than him. Thus the heart of that individual (who has studied so much) will always remain in darkness and will never be blessed with Iman and Ma’rifah.” [Majmu’ah al-Rasa’il al-Muniriyyah [1:185]

Once again may Allah reward our brother for his defence of the pristine and clear Aqidah of Ahl us-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah and indeed we pray that Allah rewards him immenselyand to accept it from him. Thus, this epistle also serves as reference point when these ignorant and lost Asharis and Kullabites raise unfounded accusations against Ahl us-Sunnah and Imam Ibn Taymiyyah.   

Abul Hasan as per usual in his 10 pence remarks unable to answer any of the main points boasts that he alone writes his articles etc without any help. He alludes to our thanking of Abush-Shaikh, a brother from Birmingham who at our request picked up a book for us and from the bab of the one who does not thank others does not thank Allah, we mentioned his name. Abu Hasan Hussain Ahmed wants to praise himself and tried to highlight this as a point attempting to say we had help in writing our response to him!!!! Seriously when is this guy going to grow up , even after all these years he behaves like a immature teenager. 

He fails to read our words in which we intended a recourse to his protege and the underling Yasir Jahmi who has since gone into hiding, and so he should due to his ignorance and obnpxious remarks which are unfit for any audience let alone the seekers of the truth. However this is unsurprising as these like minded digressional tacticians are peas in a pod. Abu Hasan Hussain Ahmed goes onto mention some other profanities which are not even worth responding to as he himself knows how immature and infantile they are. 

To end, we have advised the like of Yāsir many times before about taqwa and seeking the truth and that his time would be far better spent in promoting the true Aqīdah and way of the Salaf whilst freeing himself from statements of his elders which can truly have no justification behind them. We also advise our brother the author of this treatise to spend his time more wisely in defending Ahl us-Sunnah rather than replying in every minute issue to every Bakr, Amr and Zaid who is possibly not worthy to be responded to.  May Allah guide us All.

The ones in need of the pardon of Allāh the Almighty.

Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari

28th Rabi al-Thani 1437 / Monday 8th February 2016

Birmingham, England

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