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Readings in Modern Day Hadith Rejectors – The Crime of Intellectual Fraud and Modern Day Mu’tazili Rationalist – Javed Ghamidi-Part 1

Readings in Modern Day Hadith Rejectors – The Crime of Intellectual Fraud and Modern Day Mu’tazili Rationalists – Javed Ghamidi

Part 1

Compiled, Translated & Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

This is a series of articles on the intellectual fraudsters.

For a number of years, modern mu’tazilists have rejoiced in utilising the media in championing their modern rationale based thoughts. It is indeed the era of the media with TV, radio and phones paving the way for these modernists under the deviated garb do intellectualism and huriyyat-e-Ei’tiqad ie freedom of belief to promise their false and erroneous notion to the masses.

Empty of any orthodoxy in their heritage, these modernists project an image of modern intellectualism and progressive thinking and thereby contravening the essential elements of Islam. This said, it is well over due to clarify and provide a detailed analysis of these free modern day thinkers, their ideologies and their intellectualism crime on the pristine and manifests texts of Islam.

We are referring to the likes of all the champions and proponents of the underlying mu’tazili rationalists, from them are the likes of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Chakarwali, Hamid ud din Farahi, Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz, Sayyid Abu A’la Mawdudi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, Wahid ud din Khan, Javed Ghamidi and numerous others. Without a doubt there is an intertwined link between all of the aforementioned individuals and none of them come out in a favourable manner.

From them who has gained some popularity for his bold and boisterous claims and false aspersions is Javed Ghamidi (here on referred to as Ghamidi). He has applied the principles of the mu’tazilah upon the mu’tazilah and ended up with devastatingly destructive concepts, which even make the mu’tazilah less deviant in their deviancy. Ghamidi has a few underlings who share such rationalist ideas, which we will care to mention a little later.

As mentioned, the media has played a significant role in promoting these people and their destructive ideas. The articulation and oration of their ideas and contradictions with Islam fall easy on the normal Muslims especially the intellectuals and academics, namely due to the the negative perception of the classical mullahs, in addition to the modification of Islam that suits these people very easily ie no need to pray

The very same mullahs from amongst the deobandi and barelwis who find it extremely difficult to leave the shackles of Taqlid and their narrow mindedness, who have presented Islam in such a bad light that no one is willing to lend an ear to them and thereby damaged the credentials of any Muslims to ascribe to the Sunnah whether correctly or incorrectly.

Such circumstances have led the so called intellectual elite and the general academics to sympathesize with the modern rationalists whilst looking at the Islamic clergy as backwards, all due to the bigoted and staunch shackles of Taqlid. There are however other reasons for such academics to find these modernist ideas more favourable and that is simply because they are just upon misguidance.

Before we move onto other fundamentals readings into this nexus of modernity and rationalism. It is important to explain what Ghamidi and his cohorts epitomise. Ghamidi extorts that Islam should be understood according to the human intellect and basic concepts of Islam and their explanation should be understand according to ones natural intellect and according to arabic proverb or sayings. They also use poem from the times of ignorance and utilise them as their fundamentals sources of understanding Islam and its universal culture.

They also say the ahadith has a position later on in terms of its importance, less so than arabic proverbs and culture. Most of the time they classify the Hadith to be conflicting and contradicting the Quran and therefore use this as a justification for denying and rejecting ahadith.

They further go on and say continuous acts that have been carried over centuries and generations are to be given recognition and some importance and this is what they label as Sunnah. For example they say praying (even though some of them don’t pray) has been continually prayed by the people even during previous generations and during the times of other prophets, hence this is what we follow above and beyond the texts, ie tawatur amli.

To be continued…..

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