Research on Tawhid – The Hadith “When you ask then ask Allah…….

Compiled, Translated and Annotated

Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


The Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) said to Ibn Abbaas,

“….When you ask for anything then ask Allaah (only), if you need help then seek it from Allaah, and know that if all the people gathered and intended to harm you then they cannot do so except that which Allaah has destined for you….”


Musnad Ahmad (1/293, 303, 307), Mishkaat (2/453), Tirmidhee (2/84), Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhee (2/609-610 no.2516), Mishkaat al-Masabeeh (no.5302), Musnad Abu Ya’ala (2/665), Mustadrak al-Haakim (3/541-542), Kitaab as-Sunnah Dhilaal al-Jannah Fee Takhreej as-Sunnah (no’s 316-318), Hidaayah tur-Ruwaah Ilaa Takhreej Ahadeeth al-Masabeeh Wa Mishkaat (5/56 no.5232) of Haafidh Ibn Hajr, Takhreej by Allaamah Muhaddith al-Albaanee with checking of Shaikh Alee Hasan ibn Abdul Hameed al-Halabee, al-Mu’ajam al-Kabeer (11/11416, 11243) of Imaam Tabaraanee, al-Mukhtarah (59/199/1) and (62/199/2) of Haafidh Dhiyaa, Ibn as-Sunnee in al-Amal al-Yaum Wal-Laylah (1/136 no.419), ash-Sharee’ah (p.198) of Imaam Aa’jurree and Abu Nuaym in Hilyah (1/314).

Imaam Tirmidhee said the hadeeth is Hasan-Saheeh. Imaam al-Albaanee also authenticated it.

The main narrators in the chain of this hadeeth are all authentic.

(1) Abu Khaleepha Jamhee.

Imaam Dhahabee said, Thiqah (trustworthy), Muhaddith, Katheer al-hadeeth (narrated many hadeeth) and the learned Imaam. (Tadhkirratul-Huffaadh (2/218).

(2) Abu Waleed Tayaalisee.

He is a major narrator of the saheehs. Imaam Ibn Hajr said, “al-Haafidh and al-Hujjah.” Ejlee said, “Thiqah and Thabt. (the Affirmed Trustworthy).” Abu Haatim said, “Imaam and Thiqah.” and Allaamah ibn Sa’ad said, “Thiqah, Thabt, and Hujjah faqeeh and the famous Imaam.” (Tahdheeb ut-Tahdheeb (11/45-46).

(3) Laith ibn Sa’ad.

Thiqah, Thabt, Faqeeh and the famous Imaam. (Taqreeb ut-Tahdheeb (p.311).

(4) Qais ibn Hajaaj.

Yoonus said “righteous”. (Tahdheeb (8/48), Taqreeb (p.307).

(5) Hansh Sana’anee.

Abu Zur’ah, Ejlee, Ya’qoob ibn Sufyaan and Ibn Hibbaan all said he is trustworthy. (Tahdheeb ut-Tahdheeb (3/58).

Thiqatun-Thabt (The Affirmed Trustworthy)

When a praiseworthy statement is composed of two statements like, Thiqatun-Thiqah, or Thiqatun-Thabt, Thabt Hujjah or Thiqatun Dhaabit and so on, then this is from the third level of praiseworthy statements (Maraatib at-Ta’deel) (See Allaamah Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad’s and Abdul-Kareem Murad’s book, Min Ateeb al-Minh Fee Ilm al-Mastalah (pg.61-62) and other general books of Mastalah

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