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[Part 2] – The Anti Wahhabi, Salafi & Saudi Narrative from Bareily – Barelwi Reverberations of Ahmad Raza Khan’s Underlings – Naveed Ashrafi, Tahir ul-Qadiri & Irfan Mashadi

Compiled, Translated & Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


After the Sufi burps from halwa and Ghiyarwain indigestion, yes you know what we are talking about, that trademark sufi burp after the sour taste left in the mouth from the previous part, Part 1 (READ HERE) and that 360 wobbling formation experienced by Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi and the Barelwi chapter, we thought it would be pertinent to open the doors to Barelwi factionalism, real inroads and groundbreaking work in, inciting, hatred, violent and issuing fatawa of disbelief, Kufr and heretic beliefs by the british Sufi Barelwi’s leaders and their light in shining armour, namely the abhorrent, foul mouth underlings, as you will see. This is real inciting hatred and violence and I hope Bibi Therea May takes note of this Sufi Barelwi violent terror outbursts. 

I mean really, where do we start, Barelwi teachings, infested with shirk and bidah are a matrix of confusion. Okay, so lets start with this, Dr. Tahir ul-Qadiri, who is revered amongst the Sufi Barelwi circles, has been heavily criticised, reprimanded, refuted, shunned and everything else under the Sun. Why the criticism and flowery words we hear you ask? Well because Dr. ‘Sahib’ Tahir ul-Qadiri apart from a catalogue of delusional errors and a crime spree in the Barelwi Mazhab, claimed that it was permissible for Barelwis to pray behind Wahabis (i.e. Sunni’s). Naturally, there was an outrageous uproar, and so there should be, because years earlier the Barelwi church fathers and holy men issued an legal edict, that whoever prays behind a wahabi will break his nikah, and then divorces and the cursed halalah would ensue due to hanafi teachings, oh dear me what a very messy affair! (pun intended)

So there was an internal backlash and strife (besides other issues which showed Tahir ul-Qadiris leanings towards Shi’asm, wahdatul Adyan, literally the whole works, even a christmas cake), the major scholars of the Barailwi mazhab issued legals edicts, fatwa, warnings, refutations, radud, radds from their Rad guns which included the burzurgs, Allamahs, Fahamahs, Muftis, Mujaddid Millats, pirs, pirs of tariqats. All claiming Tahir ul-Qadiri has left the teachings of Barelwism and a disgrace to Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan, and thus has no connection to him.

you know what, we are the clock on this one, let us just reproduce what they said,

Who are Against Dr Tahir ul Qadri?

Pakistani Scholars:

Those who have passed away:

  1. Imam al Ahl us Sunnah Ghazali ul Zaman Allama Ahmad Saeed Kazmi Chishti Sabri.
  2. Khateeb al A’zam Allama Shafi’ Okarvi Naqshbandi.
  3. Mufti al A’zam Pakistan Allama Abdul Qayyum Quadri Razvi Hazarvi.
  4. Muhaddith ul Asr Imam Abdul Hakeem Sharf Qadri Naqshbandi.
  5. Allama Mufti Fayz Ahmad Owaisi.
  6. Mufti Ikhtidar Ahmad Naeemi Ashrafi ibn Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Naeemi Ashrafi.
  7. Faqih al A’zam Mufti Wiqaruddin Qadri Razvi.
  8. Shaykh ul Quran Allama Mufti Ghulam Ali Okarvi Ashrafi.

Those who are Alive:

  1. Ustaz ul Ulama Mufti Muhammad Abu Dawud Quadri Razvi.
  2. Allama Mawlana Ilyas Attar Qadri.
  3. Allama Prof Dr Muneeb ur Rahman, Jamiya Naeemia.
  4. Mufti al A’zam Pakistan Mufti Ashraf ul Qadri Ashrafi Gujrati.
  5. Ustaz ul Ulama Allama Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Mashadi Chishti.
  6. Allama Mufti Ashraf Asif Jalali. 
  7. Khatib e Dawran Allama Kawkab Nurani Okarvi Naqshbandi 
  8. Mufit Muhammad Muzaffar Husayn Qadri. (QTV)
  9. Mufti Muhammad Abbas Razvi. (QTV) 
  10. Mufti Sohayl Raza Amjadi. (QTV)
  11. Allama Sayyid Turab ul Haq Qadri Razvi.
  12. Manazir al Ahl us Sunnah Mufti Haneef Qurayshi  Chishti.

Scholars who are Against Dr Tahir ul Qadri in India

  1. Janasheen Muhaddith al A’zam Hind Rayis ul Muhaqqiqin Shaykh ul Islam wal Muslimin Allama Sayyid Muhammad Madani Ashrafi Jilani Kichochavi.
  2. Janasheen Mufti al A’zam Hind Taj ul Islam wa Shariyah Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Bareilvi.
  3. Ameen al Millat Pir e Tariqat Allama Sayyid Ameen Miyan Barkati.
  4. Khatib al A’zam Ghazi al Millat Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Miyan Ashrafi Jilani Kichochavi.
  5. Muhaddith al Kabir Allama Mufti Ziya ul Mustafa Qadri Amjadi
  6. Muhaqqiq Masail al Jadidah Allama Mufti Nizamuddin Razvi Misbahi, Sadr Mufti Jamiya al Ashrafiya, Mubarakpur.
  7. Allama Mufti Aley Mustafa Ashrafi Misbahi, Sadr Mufti Jamiya Amjadiya, Mau.
  8. Allama Shaykh ul Hadith Mufti Shahabuddin Ashrafi Misbahi, Sadr Mufti Jamiya Ashraf, Kichocha Muqaddasa 
  9. Mufti al A’zam Gujrat, Allama Mufti Shabbir Ashrafi Misbahi, Ahmadabad.

Calling the above Scholarly Giants and Representatives of Sunni Muslims of the Sub-Continent as ‘Takfiri Mullahs’ and their verdicts as ‘Fatwa Baziyan’ by Dr Tahir ul Qadri and his followers, is an insult to Islamic Learning and ‘Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah’!

Dear Sunni Brothers and Sisters!

The combined population under the Six Giant Silsilas (Quadriya, Naqshbandiya, Quadriya Barkatiya, Qyadriya Chsihtiya Ashrafiya, Quadriya Razviya & Quadriya Attariya) of the Indian Sub-continent and represented by the above scholars is 75 % of the total Sunni population, and rejecting this massive ‘Jamah’ is an indication of Astray-ness, because the ‘Jamah’ or overwhelming majority can not be ‘Astray’!

What is Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s Blunder?

  1. Opposing the Sunni & Hanafi ‘Ijma’ {Consensus} on the matter of Women’s ‘Diyyat’ (Blood-Money).
  2. Promoting and Advocating Unity with the ‘Rawafiz’ and ‘Tafziliya’ upon whose deviancy and astray-ness, the entire Ummah is Unified! That is, according to Dr Tahir, ‘Truth’ {‘Haqq’} should join hands with ‘Falsehood’ {‘Batil’}!
  3. Opposing the Sunni Consensus of the Sub-continent on the ‘Kufr’ of 4 leading Deobandi scholars and holding the view that the ‘Deobandiya’ are part of the ‘Ahl us Sunnah’! In short, he defies the combined majority of the Sunni Scholars on the matter. In-short, he opposes ‘Hussam ul Haramayn’ and ‘As Sawarim ul Hindiya’. 
  4. Holding the view that Sayyiduna Ali is spiritually more superior to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, a classic example of his deviancy and upholding the ‘Aqidah’ of ‘Rawafiz’ and ‘Tafziliya’.
  5. Practicing and promoting ‘Rafzi/Shiyi’ practices of ‘Taziya’, ‘Alam, ‘Matam’ and ‘Marsiya Khani’ just as the mainstream ‘Rawafiz’.
  6. Holding the view that the Jews & Christians are among the ‘Believers’ as they too believe in One God, A Prophet and a Book sent by God. In his view, there are Believers (Jews, Christians & Muslims) and Non- Believers (Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, Atheists, etc). 
  7. Practically implementing and promoting the practice that the Christians be allowed to pray in Masjids, and he allowed them to pray in Masjids operated by his organization.
  8. Propagating and practically implementing the view that Muslims should celebrate the Holy day of Christians, i.e. Christmas – the Birth of Christ, as they celebrate the Birth of Prophet Muhammad.

Based upon the above blunders, deviant views, astray ideology, boastful self-praise, proposing  unity with Heretics and unity with the Blasphemers of the Allah, the Prophet Muhammad ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~, Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, other Sahaba and Awliya; the scholars of ‘Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah’ declared Dr Tahir ul Qadri out of the pale of ‘Ahl us Sunnah’ and branded him ‘Astray’ and declared him the cardinal pole of Deviancy in present times.

He falsely claims to represent the School  of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, boasting that he took ‘Ilm’ from his direct students but in-fact opposes him (Imam Ahmad Raza) and his students on matters upon which they stood all their lives! And deceives Millions of Sunnis claiming to represent the ‘Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah’ and Imam Ahmad Raza Khan! Recently in Hyderabad, he claimed that he took ‘Ilm’ directly from Imam Ahmad Raza in dream for many years!!!! Imagine the great Imam, the Sword of Allah on the Blasphemers of RasulAllah ~sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam~, the one who refuted all his life the Wahhabiya and Deobandiya – Sayyidi Imam Ahmad Raza teaching Dr Tahir who advocates the Deobandi and their Big Brothers – the Wahhabiya are from the Ahl us Sunnah! What a Lie!

For those obsessed with Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s so called learning and speeches may re-call or imagine the past scholars like ‘Dawud Zahiri’, ‘Zamakhshari’, ‘Ibn Hazm’, ‘Ibn Taymiya’, and ‘Ibn Qayyim’ and their knowledge and intellect. Despite of their vast knowledge and numerous books on core topics, they were branded as Heretics and Astray by Sunni Scholars! Why?

It was because they denied the ‘Ijma’ in some matters and on the other hand advocated new Ideologies alien to Islam and Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah. The same is the case with Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

These astray scholars showed their haughtiness, self-praise, over-confidence, boastfulness and self admiration, neglecting the advice of contemporary scholars, jeering at them and not retracting from their wrong positions/views/ ideologies. So does Dr Tahir in present times.

All of the above scholars were known for their exceptional intellect, reasoning, knowledge, and expertise in Islamic learning, but unfortunately they became Astray and were Branded as Heretics! The same is the case of Dr Tahir ul Qadri in present times, his oration and explanation of intricate matters is sometimes excellent, but the same intellect led him to astray-ness and neither he or his followers pay heed to the advice of the contemporary ‘Ahl us Sunnah’ scholars and retract their positions.

Thus, it would be fair if we say that:

Dr Tahir ul Qadri is the ‘Dawud Zahiri’, ‘Zamakhshari’, ‘Ibn Hazm’, ‘Ibn Taymiya’, and ‘Ibn Qayyim’ of Present Times!

Just Think!

Isn’t it risky to stick and follow one scholar and oppose scores of other scholars on the same matter? Isn’t it dangerous to hold a view or a stance that only one scholar invents, upholds and propagates defying thousands of other religious authorities?

If we glance on the public and scholarly following enjoyed by Sunni scholars in the sub-continent in terms of population, we shall find the following heading the list.

  1. Shaykh ul Islam Sayyid Muhammad Madani Miyan Ashrafi Jilani Kichochavi.
  2. Taj ul Islam Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Bareilvi.
  3. Shaykh al A’zam Sayyid Izhar Ashraf Ashrafi Jilani Kichochavi.
  4. Ameen al Millat Allama Sayyid Ameen Miyan Barkati Marehravi.
  5. Ghazi al Millat Allama Sayyid Hashmi Miyan Ashrafi Jilani Kichochavi.
  6. Muhaddith al Kabir Allama Mufti Ziya ul Mustafa Qadri Razvi Amjadi A’zami. 
  7. Ameer al Ahl us Sunnah Allama Ilyas Attar Qadri Razvi, of ‘Dawat al Islami’.

Each of the above has a following of lakhs and crores and represents the different dominant ‘Tariqahs’ of the ‘Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamah’ in the sub-continent and all of the above are Unified upon the fact that Dr Tahir ul Qadri opposes the ‘Sunni’ stance on numerous matters and is Astray.

Dear Sunni Brother and Sisters, leaving these personalities of repute and following a lone scholar is not advisable and worth.

Was Salam,

Basharath Siddiqui Quadri Ashrafi

Ahl us Sunnah Foundation,

Hyderabad, India


Dr Tahir al-Qadiri hits back (in urdu)



we are not going to translate it verbatim but he starts and says about Ala Hazrat, Ahmad Raza Khan, my shaykh the crown jewels i.e. creme de la creme and that he has three separate routes i.e. isnads going back to Ahmad Raza Khan, he says Kiya Batein Karteh hain which would translate to current day language, “What you smoking blud, you mad, you tripin rudeboi,’ and then he goes onto cite his chains back to Ahmad Raza Khan and says he is the direct student of

  1. Maulana Zia ud Din Madani who was a direct student of Ahmad Raza Khan Barailwi
  2. Syed Ahmad Maulana Abul Barkat Qadiri the son of Syed Didar Ali Qadiri, who was a direct student of Ahmad Raza Khan Barailwi
  3. Mawlana Abdul Ma’bud Jilani, who died at the age of 165, who was a direct student of Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi

and then, wait for it…….. thats right you’ve guessed it, another dream story, what another one…. serious, oh yes, he says 

“Ahmad Raza Khan gave me his spiritual blessings in my DREAM, directly and made me his student”

for real, we have to take break now, this is heavy, TIME OUT, we will get back to this, let me just sit down just had a head spin and wobble,

Let us now move onto Mr Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi, the wobbler, this is his refutation of Mr Tahir ul Qadiri



This is what you call dear readers, refuting their own creed, teachings and buzurgs and their holy Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan.

and by Irfan Shah Mashadi, a frequent panelist on Ummah TV, the very channel Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi present his wobblies from, the former, Irfan Shah is famously notorious for having a’ flowery tongue’




and in this video he says Allah swears, what Mazhab are these guys on, oh I remember Barelwism of Ala Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan




a simple search on youtube of him will show numerous videos encouraging children to swear etc. these are the teachings of these barelwis and their reality, perhaps we need to talk to the government about safeguarding!!!!

before we move onto the next part lets see a counter from Dr. Tahir Sahib



and before we leave this unfinished saga, which we will explore in the next part, we would like to show Mohammad Naveed Ashrafi about how his scholars of the Ahle Sunnat wal-Jamat, who appear on his so called Barelwi channel have been actually arrested by Bibi Theresa May’s and the Quens police despite the fact they denied it, see below (please mute, you know how it is these boys, they just know how to wobble to beats)



here is the evidence that he was actually arrested and guess what for, oh yes, holds head with shame, tut tut…… for inciting hatred and violence, no way, thats a bit, you know what do they say, oh yeh you mean deceptive hypocritical and disgusting double standards, yeah that, (please excuse the dogs barking in this video)



and lastly we could not resist this last one, Irfan shah Mashadi, busting moves and PROPER WOBBLING, i wonder these real wobblers have to say about this debacle, i think its time we had a real meeting with Bibi Theresa May.






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