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[The 5th Report] Investigating the Report of Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah About Backbiting Muslim Rulers Publicly – Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd

 Translated & Annotated 
Abu Khuzaimah Ansari

The 5th – Report of

Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah Rahimahullah

KEY  BLACK BOLD = Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd.

Blue [AK…..END] my annotations

Transmitted by Harb al-Kirmani in his Masailuhu (2/883-884) who said,

[AK] Masail Harb (2/883-883 no.1410). This report is mostly quoted from this Doctoral thesis in Fiqh of the Masail from Kitab un-Nikah to the end of the book. The Thesis was by Fayiz Ahmad Habis at Ummul Qurra University by in 1422H.END]

Narrated Abdullah bin Abdul Wahhab who said Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a from Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah said our Shaykhs narrated to us and said, “There is no sanctity, and it is not backbiting when speaking about three people, the oppressive tyrannical ruler, the wicked sinner who sins publicly and the person of innovation.”

masail harb cov

masail harb p883

 masail harb p884

This chain is weak due to disconnection or a broken link in the chain with two or more successive narrators dropped from the chain. Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a did not meet Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah.

When Ibn Udhaynah died during the reign of Abdul Malik bin Marwan Hajjaj bin Yusuf took charge of Iraq in 75H and Abdul Malik died in 86H, and Hajjaj died in 95H.

Hafiz Ibn Hibban said in ath-Thiqat (no.3970) concerning the death of Ibn Udhaynah, “He died when al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf took charge of Iraq.”

Tahdhib ul-Kalam Fi Asma ar-Rijal (9/460) mentions concerning the death of Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a, it says, “Abu Musa Muhammad bin al-Muthanna said He died in the year 185H.”

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said as mentioned in al-I’llal Wa Ma’rifah ur-Rijal (no.5902), “He died in the year 186H.”

So, we learn between the death of Ibn Udhaynah and the death of Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a there is a gap of 110 years.

Furthermore, I could not anywhere in the books of rijal or in the books of hadith Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a transmitting from Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah. In fact, I could not any narration or report from him (Ziyad from Ibn Udhaynah) except and only this one.

The statement of Abdur Rahman bin Udhaynah, “He said our Shaykhs transmitted to us.” It gives the perception its only one narrator and not many.

Also, it is mentioned in Ikmal Tahdhib ul-Kamal (5/104 no.1718) under the biographical entry of ar-Rabi’a bin Ziyad, “It is mentioned in Tarikh Abi Abdullah al-Bukhari, he transmits from Abdul Malik bin Habib and his chain needs looking into. Abul Arab al-Qayrawani mentioned the word weak for him as did Abu Bishr ad-Dawlabi, al-Uqayli, al-Balkhi and Ibn as-Sakan. Ahmad bin Hanbal, Abu Dawud and Ishaq bin Abi Isra’il said he was thiqah.”

Al-Hafiz Ibn Adiyy said in his book al-Kamil Fidh-Dhu’afa ar-Rijal (no.96), “Ziyad bin ar-Rabi’a has other hadith from the ones I mentioned, and I do not see his hadith except they are fine.”

(Athar al-Waridah Fi Jawaz Ghibah al-Hakim al-Ja’ir p.15-16)

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