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Shaikh Muqbil [1422H] About Imaams Badee’ud-Deen ar-Raashidi [1416H], Al-Albaani [1420H], Ibn Baaz [1420H], al-Mu’allimi [1386H], Ehsan Elahi Zaheer [1407H] and Blind-Following Them | Shaikh Muqbil’s Humility


Shaikh Muqbil, may Allaah have mercy on him, said about the following when most of them were alive, “As for Shaikh Badee’ud-Deen ar-Raashidi [d. 1996] then he is from our Shaikhs and I attended a dars or two or three of his, may Allaah the Most High protect him—and he is …

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