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[Biography] The Biography of the Imam Wahab ibn Munabih [114H] – ShaIkh Abdus Salam bin Burjiss [1425H]

Abbas Abu Yahya

He is: Wahab ibn Munabih bin Kaamil bin Seej bin Dhi Kibaar Abu Abdullaah al-Yamaani as-Sanaani. His father came to Yemen from Khurasaan from Haraat.

Wahab was born in the year 34 A.H. during the Khilafah of ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Affaan – radiAllaahu anhu.

Wahab narrated on the authority of a group of the Companions, including Anas bin Maalik, Jaabir bin Abdullaah, Abdullaah bin ‘Abbas, Abdullaah ibn Umar, Abu Huraira and Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri.

He also narrated on the authority of: Tawoos bin Kaysaan, ‘Amroo bin Dinaar, ‘Amroo bin Shuaib, his own brother Hamaam bin Munabih and others.

Imaam Ahmad said: ‘He was from the children of Persia.’ Then he said: ‘Everyone from the people of Yemen who had the word ‘Dhi’ in his name was from the Shareef (from Bani Hashim), it is said: so-and-so has ‘Dhi’, and so and so has no ‘Dhi’.’

Al-Ijaali said: He was a Tabi’ee (a successor of the Companions), trustworthy and he used to be a judge in Sana’.
Abu Zurah, an-Nisaee and others regarded him as trustworthy.

He was a judge for Umar bin AbdulAzeez –Rahimullaah- in Sana’ and his hadeeth are to be found in Bukhari and Muslim. He had much knowledge of the People of the Book and he is counted as being from amongst the Zuhaad (those who abstain from loving worldly things) and the people of piety who would worship plentifully.

He died in the year 110 A.H. in Sana’ at the beginning of the Khilafah of Hisham bin Abdul Malik. It has been said that he died in the year 114 A.H. and Yaqoot deems this to be the stronger opinion in ‘Mu’ajam al-Udaba’.

‘Abdus Salaam bin Burjis Aal ‘AbdulKareem
6/6/1418 A.H.
Advice to the Khawarij

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