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Imam Malik’s View on Raf ul-Yadain – Raising Hands in Prayer is the Sunnah -:- Answering the False Assertion of the Ghayr Muttabi

Compiled & Translated 
Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


A confused anonymous twitter user Dr.AbuLaylah (@DrAbuLaylah) attempted to mock the “Ahlul Hadith”, in speech marks as he expresses himself and says, “The “Ahlul Hadith” kid after discovering that Imam Malik didn’t view Raf al Yadayn as Sunnah: (then adds GIF showing a young adult weeping and crying)” an attempt to show it dawns on the Ahlul Hadith that Imam Malik did not deem Raf ul-Yadain as the Sunnah and they start crying!

twitter pro

When a brother comments with an image from Ibn Rushd’s Bidayatul Mujtahid that it was actually a Sunnah according to Imam Malik, he back tracks and then jumps on the last bastion of defence and says it’s the Mu’tamad of the Madhhab. So, we see in the beginning from attempting to mock the Ahlul Hadith he finishes with the clause out of “Mu’tamad”. The astonishing irony is that he likes the tweet comment from Bidayatul Mujtahid and fails to delete his, which as this point is a lie. When another brother presents a statement from Imam ash-Shaf’i he accuses the brother of attacking Imam Malik and yet mind bogglingly forgets his attack on all of the Ahlul Hadith with his lamentable comment, the irony!

A precursory view of the tweets of Dr.AbuLaylah yield some purulent vilification of the Salafi Ahlul Hadith. He thinks by using playground terms like “…Pseudo-salafi ghayr muqallids…” and then goes on to supplicate to Allah “May Allah get rid of them” not before rushing his fingers saying, “pseudo-salafi ghayr muqallids closeted modernist are most dangerous sect now and they are the cause of the deviance among the ummah”. Unfortunately this is the true reality of Muslims on the social media, we pray in earnest.

We are not concerned with the pitiable remarks since they are not new for the Salafis and Ahlul Hadith and such statements have been emanating from the Ghayr-Muttab’is for centuries. The most ironic thing this false allegation was actually answered around 25 years ago by a young Salafi Ahlul Hadith teenager, Abu Asaakir al-Araaqee in Kitaab Raf al-Yadain – Dharb ul-Yadain ala Munkari Raf ul-Yadain. Perhaps Dr.AbuLaylah was literally a young kid or even a toddler at the time. My dear friend it is easy to mock and perhaps this is what you learn from your neo-Madhhabist approach.

Raf ul-Yadain – raising the hands for the opening takbir, going into and rising from ruku and when standing for the third rak’ah was the Sunnah with Imam Malik. Furthermore, Imam Malik transmitted and practised this Sunnah.

Here are scans from the book and I hope the honest reader can see the evil lie this individual hurled at Imam Malik and the Ahlul Hadith

raf cov

malik 1

malik 2

malik 3

malik 4

malik 5

malik 6

My friend, it is very easy hurling abuse and names and but difficult to bring evidences to the table. If the above evidence for whatever reason does not suffice, please ask insha’Allah there is plenty more

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