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[Biography] – Allamah Muhammad Bashir Sehsawani [1326H]

Allamah Muhammad Bashir Sehsawani
1250H-1326H (1834ce – 1908ce)
Compiled, Translated and Annotated 
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


He is Muhammad Basheer bin Hakeem Muhammad Badr ud deen Sehsawaanee

He is not in need of any introduction, he is the renowned scholar, the muhaddith, the jurist, the debater, the treacher, the muftee, the admonisher and speaker

Born in 1250h in Sehsawaan but due to his fathers work who was a doctor in his early years he resided in Lucknow and this is where he received his early education on the guidance of his father. He was just 10 years old when his father died, thereafter he retuned to his native area of Sehsawaan with his mother

In Sehsawaan he began to study under Shaikh Sayyid Ameer Hussain and later returned to Lucknow and studied with the Scholars of Farangi Mahal especially Shaikh Hidaaytullah Raampooree.

He then travelled to Allaamah Imaam Sayyid Muhammad Nadheer Hussain Muhaddith Dehlawee with whom he studied hadeeth, fiqh and tafseer and also obtained chains for ahadeeth. He also obtained (isnaad) chains of hadeeth from Allaamah Shaikh Hussain bin Muhsin Ansaari al-Yemanee.

For a period of time he remained a professor of Arabic and Faarsee in an Agra College and in the evenings he would teach Quraan and Hadeeth and conduct lessons at his house. Later at the request of Allaamah Shaikh Nawaab Siddeeque Hasan Khaan in 1295H/1878ce he was appointed as a teacher in Madrassah Shaah Jahaaniyyah in Bhopaal and he remained here for sometime. Later he moved to Delhee and taught in the many Ahlul Hadeeth institutions.

The Allaamah was a excellent debator and very sharp Alhamdulillah. When the disbeliever the hanafee Mirzaa Ghulam Qadiyaanee challenged Allaamah Sayyid Nadheer Hussain Dehlawee for a debate however as Allaamah Nadheer Hussain was occupied due to some circumstances so he asked Allaamah Sehsawaanee to have a written debate with Mirzaa Qaadiyaanee Hanafee. Hence this took place and the debate was concerning the living of the Messiah, when Mirzaa Qaadiyaanee was unable to answer and counteract the evidence of Allaamah Sehsawaanee, he said he had to go to the train station to pick up his father in law, Mirzaa Ghulam Qadiyyanee hanafee never set foot in Delhi again.

Allaamah Sehsawaanee was an exceptional orator, he gave circles in explanation of the Quraan for years in Delhi and many scholars of that time would sit in these circles.

From his well known Students

Shaikh Ahmadullaah Muhaddith Partaabghadhee

Shaikh Abu Sa’eed Sharf ud Dehlawi

Shaikh Muhammad Ismaa’eel Ansaari Sehsawaanee

Shaikh Sayyid Iqtidaar Ahmad Sehsawani

His works include

Siyanaatul Insaan Aan Waswasah ash-Shaikh Dahlaan

al-Burhaan al-A’ajab Fee Fareedhah Umm al-Kitaab

Ayaam an-Nahr

Al-Qaul al-Mahmood Fee Radd Jawaaz as-Sood

Risaalah Fee Ithbaat al-Ba’eeyah al-Maraujah

Risaalah Mukhtasar al-Qaul al-Muhkam Fee Ziyaaratal Qabr al-Habeeb al-Mukarram

Risaalah al-Qaul al-Mansoor

Itmaam al-Hajjah A’la Man Awjab az-Ziyaarah Kal-Hajjah al-Ma’aroof bah as-Sa’ee al-Mashkoor

Al-Haq as-Sareeh Fee Hayaat al-Maseeh

A’laam al-Ahbaar Wal-Ehlaam Ann Deen Endal Islaam

The Shaikh whilst in Delhi fell ill and passed away in 1326H/1908ce, he is buried next to Allaamah Sayyid Ahmed Nadheer Hussain, his teacher in the graveyard in Shaideepoorah

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