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[Sharh Muwatta Imam Malik – Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai] – Hadith No.39 –:– The Explanation of Breastfeeding and The Foster Relationship is Like the Real (Blood) Relationship

Itihaf ul-Basim Fi Tahqiq Muwatta al-Imam Malik [Talkhis al-Qabisi] Riwayah Abdur Rahman ibn al-Qasim

Tahqiq, Takhrij, Sharh

Muhadith Zubair Ali Zai

Translated Abu Ubaydah
Translated, Checked & Additional Notes
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

The Explanation of Breastfeeding and The Foster Relationship is Like the Real (Blood) Relationship

[39] And with the same chain of narration that Aflah, the brother of Abu’l-Quays came and asked permission to visit her after the veil had been lowered, and he was her paternal uncle by suckling. She said, “I refused to give him permission to enter. When the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Was-Sallam) came, I told him about what I had done, and he ordered me to give him permission to enter.”


Ibn Shihab az-Zuhri clarified hearing (this hadith from Urwa Ibn az-Zubayr) in Bukhari (no.4796)


Al-Muwatta (Yahya’s narration 2/602 hadith no.1315, book 30, chapter 1, hadith no.3) at-Tamhid (8/235), al-Istidhkar: (no.1235)  

Transmitted by Bukhari (no.5103) and Muslim (3/1445) from the hadith of Malik. From Yahya Ibn Yahya’s narration


1) In the first part of Islam it wasn’t necessary for (Muslim) women to wear a veil, afterwards it became compulsory (fardh).

2) A cover (veil) is not used in front of blood relations and prohibited (haram) breastfed relatives rather the veil is put on in front of those it is allowed to marry.

3) The foster mother is like the real mother therefore the foster relations are haram like real blood relations.

4) There is no difference (of opinion) that when a child drinks 5 sucks of (a foster mother) breastfeeding milk, foster relations becomes established however there is difference (of opinion) of the (foster mother) breastfeeding of an older man. A’isha (RadhiAllaahu Anhu) understood it to be allowed, whilst according to the majority of the scholars it is not allowed just as it is established in the coming hadith. See at-Tamhid (8/260)

5) The Mother of the believers used to veil herself from the general believers after the obligation of wearing the veil was given.

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