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[eBook] – The Beginning Into The Fundamental Sciences – Shaikh Saleh Ibn Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Usaymee

Prepared by
Arshan Ibn Umar Ibn Ibraheem Ansari


This is e-Book a compendium of eight small treatises authored by Shaikh Saleh al-Usaymi, which are extremely beneficial for the beginning student of knowledge. Shaikh al-Usaymi is known for his diligence and constant teaching and has thus summarised numerous beneficial elements for those in the quest of seeking sacred sciences. May Allah reward brother Arshan and his siblings for preparing and revising these treatises. Amin


Book 1: Extract From Glorifying Knowledge (page 7)

Book 2: The Essentials Which Are Obligatory On The Slave To Know (page 42)

Book 3: Easy Explanation Of The Prominent Parts Of The Qur’an (page 53)

Book 4: Clear Crystals From The Concise Speech (page 74)

Book 5: The Key To Fiqh (According To The Madhab Of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) (page 94)

Book 6: The Everlasting Legacy – Invocations After Salah (page 104)

Book 7: Extracted Invocations Of Morning And Evening (page 113)

Book 8: The Ten Etiquettes (page 122)

[A note about book 5 – All of the issues conform to the Quran and Hadith]

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  1. Jazakallah khair…

  2. Issa Ibn Cabado Al-Cubi

    As-sallam o alaykom ,May Allah al sawjjal,Give his mercy to all those righteous scholars of the past and today amin. I’m a convert Muslim from Cuba but I’m living in the USA Alhamdolillah. And I’m trying to learn more and more about our deen Incha’Allah. Alhamdolillah for website like this one make easy for Muslims like me to learn and benefit from it.

  3. As-salaam alaykum.
    Can we get the PDF of these texts?

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