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Straightening the Rows & Feet to Feet – Shaykh al-Albaani


AN ABANDONED SUNNAH THAT MUST BE REVIVED1 There are many authentic ahaadeeth from the Prophet ﷺ concerned with the command to straighten the rows (for congregational prayer), so this is rarely hidden from any of the students of (Islamic) knowledge let alone their teachers. However it remains unknown to many that straightening the rows requires straightening …

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Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi (200 – 280H)


Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi (200 – 280 H.) Prepared by: Um Abdullah al-Misawi for : as-salaf.com The bio in Arabic Al-Hafidh Uthman bin Saeed bin Khalid Ad-Darimi As-Sijistani His Kunya: Abu Saeed (1). His Birth: Shortly before 200 Hijri. (2) He lived in Herat, and traveled many regions, he traveled …

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