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[Biography] – Shaykh Muhammad Abdullah al-A’zami (d.1441/2020)


Compiled by

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


He was born in a hindu family in 1943 in Bilariyaganj, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh in India. He was named Banke Ram. After converting to Islam he was called Imam ud-Din which he later changed to Dhiya ur-Rahman, a name he was well known with. Later he changed it again to Muhammad Abdullah al-A’zami.

His Early Education

His school education was until middle class in Bilariyaganj’s middle school. He then moved onto High school in the neighbouring area of Maltari. Later he enrolled at the Shibli college in Azamgarh for his intermediate education.

He accepted Islam in 1959 and faced great trials and difficulties at the hands of his family and the hindu community for several months. These trials and tests led him to Badayun then Rampur while members of RSS hunted him. He remained in hiding for several weeks until he made the difficult journey to Umerabad in southern India. Here in 1960 he enrolled at Jamia Darusalam in Umerabad. He completed his eight (8) year studies in five (5) or six (6) and graduated in 1966.

In 1966 he returned to his ancestral home, where he was welcomed by the Muslims and led the Eid ul-Fitr prayer. He delivered a powerful sermon which mesmerised the audience. The hindus and non-Muslims were in awe of him that a convert to Islam of a few years could lead such a large audience. The sermon and the atmosphere left a lasting impression on them. Many non-Muslims especially hindus were also impressed with him due to his firmness and steadfastness on Islam despite the trials and tests he faced by his family and community.

Islamic Education

1386H/1966 – Distinction from Jamia Darusalam Omerabad, India

1390H/1970 – Graduated from Jamia Islamiyyah, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

1393/1973 – MA in Hadith on Abu Hurayrah Radhi Allahu Anhu from Jamia Malik Abdul Aziz, Makkah (now known as Ummul Qura), Saudi Arabia

1397/1977 – Doctorate in Hadith on the Fatawa of Allah’s Messenger from al-Azhar, Cairo, Egypt

Academic and Work Positions

1399/1979 – Professor in the faculty of hadith in Jamia Islamiyyah, Madinah. He was later the Dean and later retired in 1422H after 23-24 years. His offices and work at the university entailed

– Dean of the Faculty of Hadith

– Phd examination panelist

– Head of Islamic research

– Head of dawah centre in Madinah University

– Member of Journal of Madinah University

– Member of Academic Committee

He also held several positions in Rabita Alam al-Islami based in Makkah and was also the head of the office General secretary. Due to his position within Madinah University and Rabita, he travelled to numerous countries due to his roles. He travelled to, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Britain and UAE.

His Teachers

In Umerabad

Shaykh ul-Hadith Abdul Wajid Rehmani

Muhaddith Zahir ud-Din Rehmani Athari

Ustadh ut-Tafsir Sayyid Abdul Kabir Umari

Shaykh Abul Bayan Hammad Umari

Shaykh Hafiz ur-Rahman Umari Madani

In Madinah University

Shaykh Taqi ud-Din al-Hilali

Shaykh Muhammad Amin ash-Shanqiti

Shaykh Hammad b. Muhammad al-Ansari

Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan Rehmani

Shaykh Muhammad Aman al-Jami

Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Shayabatul Hamd

Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Jazairi

He benefitted immensely from the lessons of Shaykh Abdul Aziz b. Abdullah b. Baz (Vice Chancellor Madinah University and former Grand Mufti Saudi Arabia) and Shaykh Abdullah b. Humayd (Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia)

His Lessons

He delivered lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday in Madinah in the Prophets Mosque after Isha. He finished teaching Hafiz Ibn Kathir’s work on the science of hadith, al-Ba’ith al-Hathith. He also completed teaching Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and had just started Sunan Abu Dawud when he passed away.

His Books


[1] Abu Hurayrah Fi Dhaw Marwiyatihi Bi Shawahidiha wa Hal Infiradiha – This was the Shaykh’s M.A. Thesis at Malik Abdul Aziz (Umm ul-Qura) University.

[2] Aqdhiyah ar-Rasulullah Sallalahi Alayhi Wasallam of Ibn Tala’ (d.497H) – This was the Shaykh’s Phd. (2 Volumes)

[3] ad-Dirasah Fi al-Jarh wa Ta’dil

[4] al-Madkhal Ila as-Sunan al-Kubra of al-Bayhaqi (d.458H)

[5] al-Yahudiyah wal Masihiyyah

[6] Fusul Fi Adyan al-Hindh

Books [5] and [6] have been published together with the title, Dirasat Fil Yahudiyyah wal Masihiyyah wa Adyan ul-Hindh.

[7] Fath al-Ghafur Fi Wad’i al-Aydi Alas Sudur of Allamah Muhammad Hayat as-Sindhi. Published with the Shaykhs tracing and verification.

[8] Thalathatul Majalis Min Amali Ibn Mardawiyyah (d.410H). Published with the Shaykh’s checking and verification.

[9] Mu’jam Mustalahat al-Hadith wa Lata’if al-Asanid

[10] al-Minnah al-Kubra Sharh wa Takhrij as-Sunan as-Sughra of Hafiz al-Bayhaqi (d.458H) (9 volumes)

[11] at-Tamasuk Bis-Sunnah Fil Aqa’id wal Ahkam

[12] al-Jam’i al-Kamil Fi al-Hadith as-Sahih ash-Shamil

First edition: Darusalam, Riyadh 2016, (12 volumes)

Second edition: Dar Ibn Bashir, Pakistan 2019, (19 volumes0

[13] Ikhtisar Jam’i al-Kamil – This is in 5 volumes

[14] Tuhfah al-Mutaqin Fima Sahha Minal Azkar wa Ruqa wa Tibb Aan Sayid al-Mursalin

[15] Kitab Adab al-A’li



[16] Ganga Seh Zamzam Tak

[17] Nangi Talwaron Ke Sa’ye Mein



[18] Quran Ki Shital Chaya

[19] Quran Majid Ki Encyclopaedia

The Shaykh died on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah 1441H, the day of Arafah corresponding to Wednesday 30th July 2020 at Zuhr. Thousands prayed his funeral in the Prophets Mosque and he was buried in Jannatul Baq’i.

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