The Two Tabari’s, Whose Who – Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai [1435H]

Compiled, Translated and Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

 Translated Tuesday 27th July 2004 


Is Ibn Jareer al-Tabaree the author of the tafseer and the Ibn Jareer, the author of the Tareekh both the same or different people. 

If they are the same then I have heard concerning the author of the Tareekh that he was a raafidee. So who was who? 


There are two people with the name ibn Jareer at-Tabaree 

(1) Muhammad Bin Jareer Rustum at- Tabaree Abu Ja’afar al-A’amaa.

He was a Raafidee, for his biography refer to Meezaan Ul-Ei’tdaal (3/499 no. 7307), and Zail Meezaan (p.304 no,637). Leesaan ul Meezaan (5/103 no, 7191) and Siyar A’laam an-Nabula (14/282) 

No Imaam of Ahlus Sunnah declared him to be trustworthy or truthful. Abdul-Azeez al-Kittaanee says

“He was a raafidee and later he was said to be Mu’tazilee.”

The following shee’ah books have his biography Majmu’a ar-Rijaal (5/173) of Qahba’ee. Mu’ajam ar-Rijaal al-Hadeeth (15/147 no, 10354), of Khawaee. Rijaal Najaashee (p.9, 266), Tanqeeh al-Maqaal (1/134 no, 10881). Kitaab ar- Rijaal of Ibn Dawood al-Haalee (p.167 no, 1330), He authored the book “al-Imaamah.” 

I (Zubair Alee) say I have read the book `al-Imaamah’ of this raafidee all of it and it is baseless and filled with fabricated narrations. 

(2) Muhammad Bin Jareer Bin Yazeed, Abu Ja’afar at-Tabaree.

He was from the major Imaams of Ahlus Sunnah, for his biography refer to Tareekh Baghdaad (2/162, no, 589) al-Muntazam (13/215, no, 2199) of Ibn Jawzee, Leesaan ul Meezaan (500/103 no, 7190), Meezaan (3/498 no.7306) Siyaar A’laam (14/267 no.175) and Tabaqaat Shaafiyyah (3/120-128) of Subkee.

Some of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah like Abu Saleed Ibn Yoonus al-Misree and Khateeb Baghdaadee and others praise him a lot. Haafidth Dhahabee said,

“He is trustworthy and truthful and preserver.” (Siyaar A’laam (14/270).

Imaam Ibn Khuzaimah said

“He has not see a more knowledgeable scholar on this earth than Muhammad Ibn Jareer (Siyaar A’laam 14/273) 

His famous works include 

(1) Tafseer Tabaree 

(2) Taareekh Tabaree 

(3) Tahdheeb al-Aathaar 

(4) Sareeh us-Sunnah 

This book also includes Ibn Jareer was a Sunni. Ibn Jareer as-Sunni said,

“Eemaan is statement and action, it increases and decreases.” (Sareeh us-Sunnah p.9, 25). 

He further writes,

“I further say from the most virtuous companions from the Messenger of Allaah سلم عليه الله صلي , is Siddeeque, Abu Bakr, then Umar, then the possessor of the two lights Uthmaan Ibn Affaan and then Chief of Believers Ali Ibn Abee Taalib, May Allaah be pleased with them all. (Sareeh us-Sunnah p.24) 

This is the biggest point that he was not a shee’ah, but in fact a Sunni. Maamqaanee rafidhee says about him

“normal person, not trustworthy” (Tanqeeh al-Maqaal 1/134). 

Note: Ibn Jareer being trustworthy does not mean that all the narration of Taareekh at-Tabaaree are authentic.

al-Hadith 1:29

JazakAllahu Khairan to Abu Abdur Rahman for his help

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