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1 20.58.04

Clarifying the Truth Regarding the False Allegations Concerning Me (Abu Khuzaimah Ansari)

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Clarifying the Truth Regarding the False Allegations Concerning me

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari

ʿAudhu Billāhi min ash-Shayṭān al-Rajīm, Bismillāh al-Raḥmān al-Raḥīm. Alḥamdullilāhi Rabbil ʿAlamīn, waṣalatu wassalām ʿala rasūlillahil karīm, wa ʿala alihī wa aṣḥābī wa man tabiʿahum bi-iḥsān ilāʾ yawm al-dīn; wa baʿḍ.

-:The Allegation:-

Our Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas has levied an incorrect allegation concerning me, I won’t go into the finer details right now due to legal reasons, and there are many to mention.

The allegation is that Shaykh Wasiullah allegedly caught me plagiarising, because I did not mention the name of one of researchers on JUST ONE of the books I consulted while translating, verifying and annotating an Urdu rendition of Usul al-Sunnah of Imam al-Humaydi. Shaykh Wasiullah informed me that I should give due credit and mention the person, whose work I consulted i.e. the name of the researcher and according to the Shaykhs information we did not do this and hence the criticism.

-:Evidencing the Truth and Answering the False Allegation:-

The truth and actual fact is that we wrote exactly what the Shaykh told us, almost VERBATIM, WORD FOR WORD as per the Shaykhs instructions, yet I still get criticised! I can’t share the finer details right now, but when they are released, InshaAllah the readers will be absolutely shocked, in how people can be so oppressive against someone?

Please see the following scans and see the open and clear evidence before your eyes.

  1. The Front Cover of the Book, with the names of Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas and Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani and also of the TWO translators and researchers.
  1. The Book was Introduced by Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas himself and Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani.
  1. The Urdu readers can read the introduction of the two Mashaykh themselves.
  1. It will be clear from the two introductions of both scholars that they have praised the effort and work, hoping that others benefit from it.
  1. Read the editors introduction, clearly mentioning the name of the researcher of the book we used and referenced for the work.


1 20.58.04











20 with red circle of name


This is from the introduction and what Shayh Wasiullah Abbas instructed us,

When no research is done but instead people are relied upon, who are seasoned fitna makers, they say I plagiarised, passing it off as my own work then the result is what Shaykh Wasiullah concluded. The proof shown is clear in showing that there was no plagiarism because the researchers name was clearly mentioned.

The Shaykhs words have questioned and put into disrepute my integrity, even though I have spent over 20 years writing about the creed and manhaj of the Ahl al-Hadith whilst also being a thorn in the eyes of the innovators, and I thank Allah alone for this. It is because of my entire reputation being attacked that I have used my right to seek judgement from the courts, because this in my view is false information and outright slander. As Muslims we all have rights and I have asked for mine and I am vigorously pursuing that.

What the readers were not informed of, is that I sent a subsequent message to the Shaykh to converse and resolve the matter, without the need for court action, but I have not received any response to this, but rather this refutation was released against me. Where is the justice?

Not only this, I called the Shaykh directly a year later in 2018 after I heard some rumours about me. The intention of calling the Shaykh was for him to mention his advice and some of the concerns he had raised. We just talked about health issues and I mentioned some natural remedies for his health. The Shaykh did not even indicate a single word of his concerns, even when I kept on asking. (This is all evidenced) and I then conveyed this to other brothers that the Shaykh did not say anything about our work and therefore, there must be some misunderstanding, as I had spoken to the Shaykh before.

-:General Background of the Situation of Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon:-

So, by this time starting from 2015 until my last conversation with him in 2018, I had at least 3-4 conversations with the Shaykh, with one very lengthy conversation (beginning of 2017) about the serious and grave accusations against Zulfiker and I informed the Shaykh that Zulfiker, who I tried to help, clearly admitted to all of these grave and serious accusations. I asked the Shaykh to sit with him and to advise him with a detailed self rectification programme and I left it that. Then from early 2017 until August 2017, is when Shaykh Wasiullahs critical statement about me was released.

-:Zulfiker’s Attacks Everyone:-

Zulfiker continued his secret attacks on everyone who disagreed with him and even criticised brothers families publically. The statement of Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas was only released to a group of people in September 2019, perhaps even before that, I am not sure about this. These people were informed that this is an amanah with them and the purpose was to inform the people about my reality. However, during all this time, not the Shaykh or anyone else had the Islamic decency or manners which they talk about, to even inform me ONCE, until an upright person informed us. Now I ask any decent person reading this, what level of honesty, decency and islamic rectification is this? that they have been slandering and oppressing me for over 2 years and before this, Zulfiker has been doing this for many years prior to 2014.

-:Outright Oppression:-

They further wanted this to continue secretly and for the recording and other information not to reach me. It is under these underhanded and indecent tactics that I sent the Shaykh a message, saying to him that Shaykh you did not even inform me once of your concerns even if you believed them to be true, knowing that I had spoken to him several times during this period. If the Shaykh had done so, it would not have got to this stage, as all I would have said to him, we did write the name of the researcher in the book.

-:Attempts to Advise Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon:-

I also informed the Shaykh (in early 2017) that at least six different brothers have had over 5 hours of sittings with him, which were all documented. We also consulted numerous scholars about the issue of Zulfiker and they all said he needs to stop. I also said to Zulfiker If he had informed Shaykh Wasiullah about these issues and he said no. I said how could you not have done this, it’s imperative and he needs to know to give you advice. He said he would speak to him and other Mashaykh. I learnt later that he never mentioned a single word to him or other scholars, but rather he and those around him slandered me with outrageous lies to the Shaykh so that they could cover up the realities of Zulfiker Memon from the Shaykh. I also said to the Shaykh, that he was a big scholar of Hadith and rijal and thus an expert in this field and he should look at the evidence himself independently, which I believe to this day the Shaykh has not done so and this is my excuse for the Noble Shaykh, Hafizahullah.

-:The Web of Lies Spun by Zulfiker and his Associates:-

Zulfiker and his associates lied to the Shaykh and did not inform him of the reality of Zulfiker’s explicit conversations and manipulation of over at least half a dozen women over a lengthy period. They covered this up and made out to the Shaykh that everything against Zulfiker was just “hacked information” from Zulfiker’s email. They covered up the truth and have even stopped people from knowing this man’s reality by saying they should not read the 225 page document about Zulfikers filthy womanising and INVITATION TO ZINA AND OPEN SIN, because it was all based on “hacked information and Shaykh Wasiullah said don’t rely on this information.”

-:The Despicable Behaviour of Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: Desecrating the Commands of the Shari’ah:-

For example, one of the mostevil manipulations and deceptions I have ever seen in my life, is what Zulfiker did with our Muslim sister, our heart bleeds for the pain of a father and his daughter. If Allah wills, I will explain this is detail. However, for now, that sister was so disturbed at the sheer deception, manipulation and distortions of Zulfiker that she told him she would inform his organisation, Markaz as-Sunnah Leicester of his highly inappropriate and illicit behaviour, and so she emailed the entire conversation to the website admin, which was managed by one of his students at the time. There were lies after lies, deception after deception, as if everyone else was not Salafi and they all had a planned agenda against him. Zulfiker continued to spin a web of lies, even to me, who was trying to help him at the time to realise the errors of his ways. Zulfiker himself acknowledged how we tried to help him, we also have evidence of this.

He stooped to such levels that I don’t even know if Ahl al-Bid’ah would ever stoop so low, except in the case of the Mawlid Imam from Bradford. When the web admin, his student at the time advised him. Zulfiker was the Wali of the website admins wife. So, in order to manipulate and oppress the brother, Zulfiker manipulated and groomed his wife to secretly record her husband (the website admin) and Zulfiker since then has been blackmailing him! Zulfiker also later attacked him and struck his face drawing blood, when they both had a meeting. His students, upon the instructions of Zulfiker sent me this recording, when I spent almost a year investigating all the claims and then the subsequent meetings.

-:Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon’s Grooming Tactics:-

Zulfiker had been and still does, use his position of being the student of Shaykh Wasiullah and other Mashaykh, his connections with them, his gatherings and conversations with them, his years of study in Madinah University, his qualifications – for example, saying there is no student in the west with his level of qualifications, saying he is the guard of the Prophets Grave, his ijazat, his meetings with Ulama and so on and so forth, to manipulate men and badly exploit sisters.

It was all of these realities and truths that led me to send the message to our Shaykh. We respect the Shaykh and my message was personal to him, I did not send that message to a single person except the Shaykh, it was the Shaykh himself who spread it to people.

-:Revisiting the Plagiarism Allegation:-

This is how they presented the issue to the Shaykh and to the people and they hid behind the Shaykh. These liars are once again hiding behind the Shaykh and trying to refute me. Let me today announce, I have a lot of evidence of him admitting he was involved in all this evil yet he shamelessly continues with his evil. Let him deny his recordings.

The people who are around Shaykh Wasiullah, like Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon and others, are to blame, who either lied or deliberately misinformed the Shaykh and the Shaykh should hold them responsible for this catastrophic slander on me and ultimately sloppy research and investigation.

This is the same Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon, who used to be an ardent Deobandi, who me and my brother, Abu Hibban gave Da’wah to. The same Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon who asked me to check and read his Master’s Thesis?

-:There Were Two People who Worked on the Book, Why only Target me? Was it only due to my Warning of Zulfiker:-

Me and another well known researcher and Shaykh of Pakistan, Shaykh Muhammad Ibrahim b. Bashir al-Hussainwy, both equally worked on the said book. So why was I just singled out and targeted? (See the scan of the book cover and inside pages)

-: Why Write the Introduction if I Plagiarised? :-

If the Shaykh, Hafizahullah, believed everything he said about me in his statement and he held this to be the truth, then when I asked him to write the introduction to my book, I have the complete right to ask this, why did the Shaykh write the introduction to the book? His comments were to only change the urdu sentence structure. Furthermore, not a single mistake was mentioned of Aqidah, Manhaj, plagiarism or that im not qualified to translate, research and annotate such books! Rather, he praised my efforts. I have the hand written introduction by the Shaykh, which can be seen below.


Shaykh Wasiullah’s critical statement is based 2014, when we last met in the Summer of 2014. Whereas his introduction to my book was written around September 2015 and the book was published in January 2016. The book has been published for almost 3 and ½ years, and yet they were still not able to verify the facts.

Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani Hafizahullah, also looked over the book and he did not point out a single mistake.

Many of the Mashaykh have trusted me with their books in different capacities, translations, annotations and publishing. Some of them have also introduced my books while others have asked me to research for them. Some Mashaykh have trusted and expressed their agreement of my notes on their translations etc. There are too many to mention but for example:

  1. Shaykh Fazal Elahi Zahir
  2. Shaykh Muhammad Luqman al-Salafi
  3. Shaykh Muhammad Ziya ur Rehman (Abdullah) A’zami
  4. Shaykh Salah ud Din Yusuf
  5. The books of Shaykh Ehsan Ilahi Zahir in English (by his sons)
  6. Shaykh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani.
  7. The books of Shaykh Badi ud Din Shah al-Rashidi Sindhi (by his family)
  8. The books of Shaykh Muhibullah Shah Rashidi al-Sindhi (by his family)

The families of the latter two Mashaykh trusted me enough to give me most of their manuscripts.

  1. Shaykh Sultan Mahmud Jalalpuri (by his son Shaykh Yahya Jalalpuri)
  2. Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan Rehmani (by his family in Pakistan)
  3. Shaykh Faysal al-Jasim

There are many others but I suffice with this. May Allah forgive me for my many shortcomings and mistakes, Amin. There is so much more to say. I have everything evidenced by way of text messages, WhatsApp conversations, audio recordings and witnesses.

Now, I forgive all those who have slandered me and failed to look at the evidence, I will continue my Da’wah, whether people like it or not. Zulfiker has manipulated these young inexperienced brothers like Wali al-Din Durrani, Uzayr Nazir, Abu Talhah Zahack, who are all ignorant and blind, more about these individuals later, inshaAllah.

Also, Zulfiker always threatens people who do not agree with him, he forces them to take his views, he bullies them and threatens them that he will get them refuted by Shaykh Wasiullah, this is well known about him. We do not make taqlid of anyone except that we follow the Quran and Sunnah, no matter who the Shaykh is.

As for the other allegations of plagiarism and ludicrous accusations etc, I’ll address them in due course, InshaAllah.

I had stopped so many brothers and people from talking about these issues and to focus on beneficial knowledge but now, since you opened the door, I can’t control them anymore.

Allah sees and hears all things and indeed, He is The Most Just and Fair.

BarakAllāhu Fikum



-:The True Reality of Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon and his attack on Shaykh Wasiullah’s Wife:-

Zulfiker is shameless, brothers accused me of all sorts regarding Shaykh Wasiullah and I was only asking for my legitimate right with the best manners. Zulfiker is a selfish individual and he does not care about anyone, he won’t stop anywhere and he has no levels or bounds, this is why you’ll see his close friends not defending him, rather he hides behind Shaykh Wasiullah and his expendable young so called students. They will one day realise soon inshaAllah

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon Belittles Shaykh Waseeullah’s wife

Where is the honour of Sheikh Waseeullah?

Questioner: Have you spoken ill about Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife?

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: No, not ill of Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife.

Questioner: I’m talking about what you told me and brother A (about Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife)?

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: About the shoes and that.

Questioner: Yes, about the shoes.

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: That wasn’t about Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife!

Questioner: Yes, of course it was. You were saying about his wife that she (Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife) took money off of your mum.

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: She didn’t take money off my mum!

Questioner: Your mum gave her money, yeah and (according to you, she) never paid it back.

(Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: remains silent for a while, knowing he has been caught lying).

Questioner: Are you aware this behaviour is not befitting and is wrong?

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: YES!

Questioner: You know it’s wrong to speak ill about somebody?!

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon: Remains silent in agreement.

Questioner: Khalas, now it’s the personal things we are going discuss.

(Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon confirms that he did say this about Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife).

Additional Note:


Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife took money from Zulfikers mum to buy shoes and she said she would pay her back, but she didn’t, Zulfiker attacks her honour because of this.

Zulfiker Ibrahim Memon attempted to lie but he got caught.

Two weeks prior to this meeting, in a separate sitting with five witnesses he admitted to saying something extremely derogatory and disrespectful about Sheikh Waseeullah’s wife and ultimately about the honour of Sheikh Waseeullah himself.




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