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[Biography] – Imam Muslim bin al-Hajjaj bin Muslim al-Qushairi [261H]

Compiled, Translated and Annotated
Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

First Published 2000


The famous Imaam, Muslim bin al-Hajjaaj bin Muslim al-Qushairee. He was one of the great Imaams, high in stature. His Kunyah was Abul-Hussain and his title was Asaakir-ud-Deen. He was the well known Haafidh; the resident of Neesaboor.

He was born in 204 AH (819 CE) in Neesaboor which is a famous city of Khurasaan. Conflicting statements also suggest he may have been born in 202 AH (817 CE) or 206 AH (821 CE).

He died in the evening of the 25th Rajab 261 (9th May 875) and four days were remaining before the completion of the month of Rajab. He was buried in the area of Neesaboor in the city Naseerabaad on Monday. He was 55 years old.

His Search For Knowledge

He started seeking the knowledge of hadeeth from childhood and he started to learn hadeeth before 218 AH (833 CE).

He travelled to Iraq, Basrah, Hijaaz, Shaam and Egypt from where he heard ahadith from numerous scholars of hadith. He visited Iraq numerous times and also delivered circles there, he last visited the city in 259 AH (872 CE).

His Teachers And Those Who He Narrated From

  • Imam al-Bukhari, who narrated from the great Imaams and preservers of hadeeth of his time.
  • Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
  • Imaam ad-Daarimee
  • al-Hasan bin Rabee’a al-Bajlee al-Qushairee
  • Sa’eed bin Mansoor bin Shu’bah al-Khurasaanee
  • Qutaibah
  • Yahyaa bin Yahyaa Tameemee
  • Ishaaq bin Rahawaihah
  • Harmalah bin Yahyaa
  • Amr an-Naaqid
  • Abdullah bin Muslimah Qa’nabee
  • Ibn al-Muthnaa
  • Muhammad bin Minhaal at-Tameemee
  • Ibn Yassaar
  • Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Yoonus al-Yarboo’ee
  • Ismaa’eel bin Abee Uwais al-Asbahee
  • A’un bin Salaam
  • Muhammad bin Ishaaq as-Saghaanee

His Students

  • Imam Tirmidhenarrated one hadeeth from in his al-Jaami.
  • Ibraaheem bin Abee Taalib
  • Abu Bakr Ibn Khuzaimah
  • Saaleh bin Muhammad
  • Ahmad bin Salamah
  • Siraaj
  • Moosaa bin Haroon
  • Ibn Saa’ad
  • Abu Awaanah
  • Abu Khaalid bin ash-Sharqee
  • Abu Haamid Ahmad bin Hamdaan A’mashee
  • Abu Haamid ash-Sharqee Ahmad bin Muhammad bin al-Hasan.
  • Ibraaheem bin Muhammad bin Sufyaan Faqeehah
  • Makee bin Abdaan
  • Abdur-Rahmaan bin Abee Haatim
  • Muhammad bin Mukhlid E’taar

His Works

  1. His great work is his Saheeh which he compiled with great care and precision due to which it was graded a high rank amongst the people of knowledge. After Saheeh al-Bukhaaree, Saheeh Muslim has the next rank although some people of knowledge have differed as to which book is the greater of the two.
  2. Al-Musnad al-Kabeer Alar-Rijaal.

(the rest of this bio has been lost, we pray to Allah that we find it)

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