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Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi (200 – 280H)


Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi (200 – 280 H.) Prepared by: Um Abdullah al-Misawi for : as-salaf.com The bio in Arabic Al-Hafidh Uthman bin Saeed bin Khalid Ad-Darimi As-Sijistani His Kunya: Abu Saeed (1). His Birth: Shortly before 200 Hijri. (2) He lived in Herat, and traveled many regions, he traveled …

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The Shī’a Papers – Part 14 – Lies Fabricated Against Yazīd


  Compiled, Translated and Annotated Abū Ḥibbān & Abū Khuzaimah Anṣārī   All sorts of lies and fabrications are levied against Yazīd in order to discredit him. They also lie based on a deep rooted sentiment that Yazīd must be blamed for the death of Ḥussain RaḍiAllāhu ʿAnhu. These slanderous …

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The Shia Papers Part 11 – Some False Allegations on Yazīd


Compiled, Translated and Annotated Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari History has seen whenever a group of people is responsible for a heinous crime they always attempt to blame others, at the same time they deny and reject any responsibility. The Rāfiḍah Shīʿa are so corrupt and deceptive in their …

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