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Richness of the Books of Hadith


By Aqeel al-Hindi   One of the charges against the people of hadith is that their role within Islamic scholastics is one of compilation and transcription of the Sunnah for its benefit as a legislative source for those with the tools who fully understand it and can use it. Those …

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Defending the Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ – Dhamm Al-Kalam wa Ahlihi

dhamm al kalam wa ahlili

Translated Abu Sinan Narration No. 1258 Shaykh Al-Islam Abu Isma’il Al-Harawi said: I heard Abu Ya’qub saying: I heard Al-Khalil bin Ahmad saying: I heard Abu’l-Husayn At-Tabasi say: “I heard Abu Sa’id Al-Istakhri speaking, and a man came to him and said, ‘Is it permissible to do Istinja’ with bones?’ …

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