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[The 3rd Report] Investigating the Report of Ubaydullah bin Hasan About Backbiting Muslim Rulers Publicly – Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd

 Translated & Annotated 
Abu Khuzaimah Ansari

The 3rd – Report of

Ubaydullah bin al-Hasan Rahimahullah

KEY  BLACK BOLD = Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Junayd.

Blue [AK…..END] my annotations

Harb al-Kirmani transmit in his Masailuhu (2/286)

 harb masail 1416

[AK] This a typographical error, 286 should be 886. It is in his Masail (2/286 no.1416) as, from al-Akhdar from Arim from [Wuhayb bin] Khalid who said, “I heard Ubaydullah say concerning the backbiting of the Khawarij and ruler which was done publicly, that he did not consider it backbiting. As for person who knows he is sinning, it is incumbent upon him to conceal it. He saw this as backbiting from them.” END]

His Shaykh who is in the chain Abu Abdur Rahman al-Akdhar bin Manjab, his biography cannot be found.

[AK] Dr. Fayiz, who published his Doctoral Thesis on Harb’s Masail in this masala mentions, “I could not find a biographical for him.” (Masail Harb (2/886 no.1416 footnote 4) END]

His Shaykh in the chain is his uncle Arim, and it is not known whether he narrated from him before or after he became forgetful.

[AK] Arim, who is Muhammad bin Fadhal as-Sadusi is Thiqah Thabt as Hafiz Ibn said in Taqrib ut-Tahdhib (no.6226). he became forgetful and his memory deteriorated. END]

(Athar al-Waridah Fi Jawaz Ghibah al-Hakim al-Ja’ir p.14)

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