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[Sharh Muwatta Imam Malik – Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai] – Hadith No.526 –:– Drinking a Drink made of Dates and Grapes

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Itihaf ul-Basim Fi Tahqiq Muwatta al-Imam Malik [Talkhis al-Qabisi] Riwayah Abdur Rahman ibn al-Qasim

Tahqiq, Takhrij, Sharh

Muhadith Zubair Ali Zai

Translated Abu Ubaydah
Translated, Checked & Additional Notes
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


In mentioning the Hadith of Malik from those he did name: There are two Hadith from them in two Different places.

[526] Malik from a trustworthy narrator according to him from Bukair bin Al-Ashaj from Abdur Rahman bin Al-Hubab Al-Aslami from Abi Qatadah al-Ansari that the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) forbade drinking a drink mixture of dates and grapes and or a mixture of nearly ripes dates and fresh dates.”



Al-Muwatta (Yahya’s narration (2/844 hadith no.1639, book 42, chapter 3, hadeeth no.8) at-Tamhid (24/205) and al-Istidhkar (no.1567)

Transmitted also by an-Nasai in Al-Kubra (Tuhfatul Ashraaf no.12119) from the Hadith of Malik and there are supporting Hadith, from them in Bukhari (no.5601) and Muslim (1986) which lead to its authentication.


1. Since every intoxicating entity is unlawful and thus sometimes a drink mixture of dates and grapes can become intoxicating,  hence from the perspective of limiting the means and precaution, making and drinking such drinks has been prohibited.

2. Islam is a Din ie a religion which wishes good for all of humanity (ie preservation from the evils and effects of intoxicants).

3. Who does the aforementioned statement ‘trustworthy narrator’ refer to? This is unclear however the same Hadith has been narrated by Amr ibn Al-Harith who is trustworthy in as-Sunan Al-Kubra of Nasai (from Tuhfatul Ashraaf 9/261 no.1119) and Tamhid (24/206) from Bukhair bin Abdullah bin al-Ashaj. Furthermore, it also has authentic supports which renders this Hadith to be authentic. All praise be to Allah.

4. Also refer to Hadith no’s 136 and 246

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