[Fatwa] – Marrying or Having a Nikah During the Iddah Period – Shaikh Muhammad Isma’il as-Salafi

Abu Khuzaimah Ansari


Question: Zayd’s wife returned to her parent’s house in a state of anger! Zayd issued two Talaqs (divorces) and three months have passed, but now Zayd wants to back to his wife. So, is the first nikah still valid and sufficient or do they need to perform a second nikah?

Answer: If three menstrual period cycles have elapsed the nikah needs to be renewed in order for them to in wedlock. If three menstrual periods have not passed, the first nikah is sufficient without the need to renew the nikah. Allah says,

 “And divorced women shall wait for three menstrual periods…” (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:228)

(Fatawa Salafiyyah, page 29)

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