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Answering Gibril Fouad Haddad, His book ‘Al-Albani and his Friends’ And The Barelvi Sufis – Part 6 – The Mulla Sahib Baghdadi Affair.

Compiled, Translated and Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Haddad on pg.51 mentions the issue of thse who affirm that Allaah can lie, ‘Imkaan al-Kaadhib’ and claims Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel Dehlawee was the first of the Wahhabis of India to forward this heresy.

He goes onto to say, “Refutation were published by Mulla Saahib Baghdadi and Mawlana Fadl al-Haqq Khayrabadi…” (Albani and his Friends pg.51).

So the affair is that in about 1240H some of the opponents of Ahlus- Sunnah started to raise some false allegation regarding the book Taqwiyyatul-Eemaan. Mulla Baghdaadee became influenced by them, that resulted in him writing a letter which he then sent to Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel in Kaanpoor So as soon as the objection was received by Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel, he immediately answered it and returned it back to him in Delhi.

From the people who witnessed this reply and also heard it were the grandson of Shaikh Abdul-Azeez Muhaddith Dehlawee Maulana Muhammad Ya’qoob, also Maulana Naseer ud deen, Maulana Mahboob Alee and others.

Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allaah the Rabb of everything that exists, we have this response of Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel and inshallaah if possible will present the full response later. So the opposers created doubts and confusion regarding Taqwiyyatul- Eemaan in the mind of Mulla Baghdaadee, as Taqwiyyatul-Eemaan was written initially written in Arabic as the book ‘Radd al-Ashraak’ which was later translated into Urdu, as the first chapter and was titled as the famous work of Taqwiyyatul-Eemaan.

Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel sent the Arabic edition to a handful of people but the edition that became well known was the Urdu one and Mulla Baghdaddee did not understand the language and relied on translation and interpretation of others, the ones who caused the confusion.

After the response of Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel the doubts and confusion of Mulla were cleared and later Mulla Baghdaadee met Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel and personally apologised for his false allegations and admitted that his confusion was based upon what was incorrectly conveyed to him by the opposers of Ahlus-Sunnah. (refer to Tadhkirrah Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel pg.235-236)

Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel mentions in his response that Mulla Baghdaadee himself praised the book Taqwiyyatul-Eemaan but argued that a particular statement was correct and from the aspects of Belief but mentioning it was disrespectful.

Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel said,

“..All praise be to Allaah that he guided many a man and woman by this treatise and no one looked at it with doubt or revilement except a handful of ignorant opposers. I have also come to know this treatise of mines was read to you and you praised it. Also with this you said that from the creation of Allaah, he creating the idols and making them equivalent to the Prophets is something true and from the aspects of belief but it is a form of disrespect and dishonour….” (The Response to Mulla Baghdaadee’s Letter pg.1-2).

Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel then goes onto answer this claim in great detail. So this is the affair of the “refutation” that WAS NOT published as falsely claimed by Haddad, by Mulla Baghadadee and his position regarding Imaam Muhammad Ismaa’eel.

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