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[Sharh Muwatta Imam Malik – Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai] – Hadith No.75 –:– Using An Odd Number of Stones For Istinja and Putting Water Up Into the Nose and Blowing It Out During Wudu

Itihaf ul-Basim Fi Tahqiq Muwatta al-Imam Malik [Talkhis al-Qabisi] Riwayah Abdur Rahman ibn al-Qasim

Tahqiq, Takhrij, Sharh

Muhadith Zubair Ali Zai

Translated Abu Ubaydah
Translated, Checked & Additional Notes
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Using An Odd Number of Stones For Istinja and Putting Water Up Into the Nose and Blowing It Out During Wudu

Abu Idris al-Khawlani: Two Hadith

[75] From Malik from Ibn Shihab from Abu Idris al-Khawlani from Abu Hurayra (Radi Allahu Anhu) that the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “The person doing wudu should snuff water up his nose and blow it out again. And whosoever uses stones to clean your private parts use an odd number.”


Ibn Shihab az-Zuhri clarified hearing (this hadith from Abu Idris al-Khawlani) in Bukhari (no.161)


Al-Muwatta (Yahya’s narration 1/19 hadith no.33, book 2, chapter 1, hadith no.3), at-Tamhid (11/12), al-Istidhkar: (no.37)

Transmitted by Muslim (no.237) from the hadith of Malik and narrated in Bukhari (no.161) from the hadith of Ibn Shihab az-Zuhri.


1) In another hadith the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “If anyone of you performs ablution he should put water in his nose and then blow it out and whoever cleans his private parts with stones should do so with odd numbers. And whoever wakes up from his sleep should wash his hands before putting them in the water for ablution, because nobody knows where his hands were during sleep.” (See hadith no.320, and its chain is authentic, narrated by Bukhari hadith no.162)

2) There is a consensus of the scholars that washing the face in wudu, washing the hands to the elbows, wiping over the head, and washing both feet up to the ankles is fardh (ie obligatory) (only the shia have differed in washing the feet) see at-Tamhid (4/31)

3) During wudu Istinshaq is when you put water in your nose and Istinthar is to take out that water (at-Tamhid 4/33)

4) Some scholars say that gargling (washing) the mouth and putting water up the nose is Sunnah, and some say that it is fardh. Saying that this action is Sunnah in wudu and fardh during ghusl, is completely without any proof.

5) It is not established from the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) that he left out gargling (washing) his mouth with water or putting water up his nose during Wudu. 

6) It is better to use a utensil (vessel) of water to gargle the mouth and rinse the nose just as it is established from Sahih Bukhari (hadith no.191) and Sahih Muslim (hadith no.235 [no.555]), and if someone uses a separate utensil for gargling the mouth and a separate utensil for rinsing the nose out with water then this is also correct just as it is established from the [Hasan Li-Dhatihi] connected narration in at-Tarikh al-Kabir (pg.588 hadith no.1410) of the Muhadith Ibn Abi Khaithama

7) Gargling (washing) the mouth should be done with the right hand (See Sunan Abu Dawud no.112 and its chain is authentic)

8) The nose should be cleaned with the left hand (Sunan An-Nasa’i 1/67 hadith no.91 and its chain is authentic) 


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