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[Biography] Shaikh Saleh bin Fawzan bin Abdullah al-Fawzan


By Jamaal bin Furayhaan Al-Haarithee   His Name, Lineage and Birth: He is Saalih bin Fawzaan bin ‘Abdillaah Aali Fawzaan from the people of Shamaasiyyah from the tribe of Dawaasir. He was born in 1354H. His Upbringing and Education: His father passed away while he was young. So he was …

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Sufism is not from Islam Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzan

kabani grave worship

Translated by Rasheed ibn  Estes Barbee   Questioner: What is the ruling in Islam concerning Sufism? Answer Sufism, there is no Sufism in Islam, this is an innovation. Sufism is an innovation, it is not from Islam. Thus it is upon those who have fallen into Sufism to repent to …

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Calling Oneself Salafi – Shaikh Saleh ibn Fawzan


From Al-Ajwibah al-Mufidah of Jamal bin Farihan al-Harithi Translated by Abu Iyaad as-Salafi   Question. Is one who calls himself a “Salafi” to be considered a partisan (hizbi) Answer. There is not harm [1] in labelling oneself with Salafiyyah when it is in truth. However, if it is merely a …

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