I am Salafi but I am not Fanatical in the Manhaj – Shaikh Ubayd ibn Abdullah al-Jabiri

Raha Batts


This question is about a phrase; may Allaah treat you well, it says: What is your opinion about it; it is the phrase: I am Salafee, but I am not fanatical towards the Minhaj?


This person is either ignorant or playing games; one of the two. Either he is ignorant as to what the Salafee Minhaj is or he is playing games. Either way, he is not fit for knowledge being taken from him. This is because the Salafee does not have At-Ta’assub (fanaticism) he has At-Tamassuk (steadfastness); steadfastness to the Minhaj which the companions inherited from the Prophet  and the Taabi’oon (inherited it) from the companions; and the Muslims continue to inherit; those who come later from those who preceded them. He (the Salafee) clings to it. The meaning of this is that he follows (the Minhaj) in totality.

This (phrase) is from the results of the principle of pardoning and cooperation; “We will cooperate in that which we agree upon and pardon one another for that when we disagree on.” We have spoken in depth regarding this principle in numerous places and gatherings.

Source: http://ar.miraath.net/fatwah/2492

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