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Hafidh Ibn Hajr’s [852H] Mubahilah And Ibn Arabi The Sufi

Compiled, Translated and Annotated
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


(a Mubaahilah is a type of a debate when both parties invoke the curse of Allaah upon the liar)

Sakhawee wrote that Haafidh Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee would openly refute Ibn Arabee and the likes of him. Once he had a Mubaahilah with a follower of Ibn Arabee and in the same year the follower died. (al-Jawaahir wad-Durrar 3/1047-1048)

Sakhawee further wrote once Haafidh Ibn Hajr had an argument and a discussion with a follower of Ibn Arabee and he al-Haafidh spoke bad about Ibn Arabee due to his heinous statements. Haafidh then said to him let’s do Mubaahilah and generally the 2 people who are doing the mubaahillah, the liar from amongst them becomes inflicted with some calamity or another.

The follower of Ibn Arabee said, “Oh Allaah if Ibn Arabee was misguided then curse me.”

And Haafidh Ibn Hajr said, “Oh Allaah if Ibn Arabee was upon guidance then curse me.”

The follower of Ibn Arabee was living in Raudah one day he left his house with one of his guests and upon returning he said “something has bitten me on my foot” when he returned home he went blind and died before the morning.

The Mubaahilah happened in Ramadhaan 797h and the follower of Ibn Arabee died in Dhul Qadah 797h (summarised from al-Jawaahir wad-Durrar 3/1001-1002)

Haafidh Ibn Hajr has also metioned an account of this mubaahillah in his Fath ul-Baari please refer to 8/no.4380-4382 in the account of the people of Najraan in the book of al-Maghazi

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