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Sharḥ ʿUmdatul Aḥkām – Kitāb al-Aṭʿimah – [The Book of Eating] Hadith No.377 –:– Hunting With Trained and Untrained Dogs

Sharḥ ʿUmdatul Aḥkām

Kitāb al-Aṭʿimah – The Book of Eating

Translated Abu Ubaydah
Translated, Checked & Additional Notes
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Hunting With Trained and Untrained Dogs

[377] Narrated Abu Tha`laba Al-Khushani (Radiullahu Anhu):

I came to the Prophet (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) and said, “O Allah’s Prophet! We are living in a land ruled by the people of the Scripture (i.e. Jews and Christians); Can we take our meals in their utensils? In that land there is plenty of game and I hunt the game with my bow and with my hound (dog) that is not trained and with my trained hound (dog). Then what is lawful for me to eat?” He said, “As for what you have mentioned about the people of the Scripture, if you can get utensils other than theirs, do not eat out of theirs, but if you cannot get other than theirs, wash their utensils and eat out of it. If you hunt an animal with your bow after mentioning Allah’s Name, eat of it. and if you hunt something with your trained hound after mentioning Allah’s Name, eat of it, and if you hunt something with your untrained hound (and get it before it dies) and slaughter it, eat of it.”



Transmitted by

Bukhari, Book of Slaughtering and Hunting, Chapter: About hunting with a bow [no.5478]

Muslim, Book of The Book of Hunting, Slaughter, and what may be Eaten, Chapter: Hunting with trained dogs and arrows [no.1930]


1)  During hunting if you shoot your arrow and say Bismillah Allahu Akbar and the game (animal) has fallen and died then its meat is halal

2) If the hunting dog catches the game (animal) and brings it back to you then its meat is halal on the condition that when you released the hunting dog to carry out the hunt you said Bismillah Allahu akbar.

3) If you release an untrained hunting dog to carry out a hunt and it catches the game meat alive then you sacrifice it in a halal manner it is allowed to eat it.

4) This hadith clearly shows the virtue and superiority of the one who has knowledge compared to the one who is ignorant i.e. the trained (knowledgeable) dog compared to the untrained (ignorant of hunting skills) dog. 

5) It is allowed to use the kufars utensils and clothes on the condition that you can’t get hold of other utensils and clothes. Before using these type of utensils or clothes they should be washed.

6) It is necessary to clean used utensils or clothes.

7) It is allowed to hunt with a trained (hunting) dog and bow and arrow (in this era it’s equivalence such as a gun).

8) The takbir should be said at the time of hunting when shooting the arrow, firing the bullet or letting the hunting dog loose. The wording for the takbir is Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

9) It is allowed to have game meat that has been hunted by a non trained (hunting) dog on the condition that it brings the game back alive and you slaughter it in a halal manner. If the game animal is brought back dead then it is not allowed to eat it.


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