40 Hadith – Shaikh ul-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyyah -:- Hadith No.12 – Choosing To Do The Optional Fasts And The Explanation Of Their Times – By Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai [1435H]

Tahqiq, Takhrij, Sharh

Muhadith Zubair Ali Zai

Translated Abu Ubaydah
Translated, Checked & Additional Notes
Abu Hibban & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Hadith Number 12

Choosing To Do The Optional Fasts And The Explanation Of Their Times

Al Faqih al-Imam al-Alim Zainudin Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Ibn Ahmad Ibn al-Faraj Ibn Abi Tahir Ibn Muhammad Ibn Nasr known as Ibn as-Sadid al-Ansari al-Hanafi informed us and he read it in the month of Rajab in the year 675 Hijri that: Abul Yaman Zaid Ibn al-Hasan Ibn Zaid al-Kindi informed us and he read it that: Zainab Bint Maki said: Abu Hafs Ibn Tabarzad informed us that: they both said: Al-Qadhi Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Baqi Ibn Muhammad Ibn [1] al-Ansari informed us that: Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Esa al-Baqilani informed us that: Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Ja’far Ibn Hamdan Ibn Malik al-Qati’i narrated to us that: Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Qurashi narrated to us that: Awn Ibn Umara narrated to us that: Humaid at-Tawil narrated to us that: from Anas Ibn Malik that he said the Messenger of Allah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said,

“The (optional) fasting person has the choice (to break the fast or complete it)”

he died in the month of Jumadal Ula in the year of 677 Hijri at the age of 73 years old


Hafidh Ibn Taymiyya narrated this Hadith from the chain of Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Ja’far Ibn Hamdan al-Qati’i (died 368 Hijri)

And this narration is present in Abu Bakr al-Qati’is book Juz al-Alf Dinar (Hadith no.278 of.422). The chain of this narration is severely weak and rejected because of 2 reasons:

1. Muhammad Ibn Yunus al-Kadimi is a liar and rejected. Additionally according to the majority of the Muhadithin he is a majruh (criticized) narrator. However the original narration isn’t isolated as being weak rather there are other chains which are weak also.

2. Awn Ibn Umara is weak

The other weak and rejected chains for this narrations are present in books such as as Sunan al-Kubra of al-Bayhaqi (4/277-278) as well as in the detailed takhrij of the Arabic version of Kitab al-Arbain (pg 25-26)

3. See Hadith no.4 for the biography of the narrator

[1] The manuscript doesn’t contain the word Ibn

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